John's Pass Village - History and How COVID-19 Changed Its Traditions

The History of John’s Pass Village

John’s Pass Village is one of the best places to visit in Florida. It offers tons of options for tourists and locals alike in terms of food, drinks, and entertainment. From restaurants to bars to souvenir stores, you’ll never run out of places to visit and things to do when on vacation here.

There are also many activities to indulge yourself in, such as jet skiing, scuba diving, and fishing, but one of the must-try adventures you shouldn’t miss is Sunshine Scenic Tours’ pirate ship cruise. If you’re wondering why going on a pirate ship cruise in St. John’s Pass, Florida, is a great idea, let’s take you out on a quick trip to its interesting and wonderful history.

History of John’s Pass

On September 27, 1848, a strong hurricane struck the West Coast of Florida. It separated the barrier island on the coast and created a waterway known today as John’s Pass.

John Levique, along with Joseph Silva, was the one who discovered it and named it after himself. They were rumored to be fishermen and farmers, but they also captured green sea turtles and sold them to New Orleans. It was during one of their trips back to the West Coast of Florida after selling turtles to New Orleans when they discovered the pass.

John and Joseph were among the early settlers in the area. Rumors say that they were pirates and were part of a crew that plundered many ships that sailed across West Florida. Many stories also said that the newly-created pass was exactly where John buried their treasures, explaining why there were hundred-year-old gold and silver coins found on Treasure Island and Madeira Beach. This is one of the reasons why pirate ship cruises are a popular and must-try attraction in John’s Pass.

John’s Pass Village Today

The first bridge in John’s Pass was created in 1927, but it was replaced in 1971. The bridge you’ll see there today, however, was constructed in 2013. The boardwalk built by Wilson Hubbard, a local charter captain in 1980, is still standing. Although many developments were made through the years, John’s Pass Village & boardwalk still give off an authentic waterfront old Florida ambiance.

Aside from the stunning view that you’ll get to witness when you visit John’s Pass Village, you’ll also enjoy outdoor shopping and dining. There are more than a hundred stores to visit and activities to try. In the evening, there are numerous bars that keep the energy of the place up, and there are live bands for entertainment. If you want pure relaxation while feeling the salty ocean breeze, the shores are just a stroll away.

The famous John’s Pass Festival is still held every year. There are tons of seafood to taste as well as fun-filled activities to indulge yourself in. Truly, there’s no other place like John’s Pass Village.

Must-Visit Places in John’s Pass, Florida, and Other Nearby Areas

To fully enjoy your time in John’s Pass, here’s a list of the best places, restaurants, and activities to try:

  • Locked Up – John’s Pass – Locked Up offers thrilling escape room games. You’ll be locked up in a room with 12 people to solve mysteries and find a way out in a span of 60 minutes. This is a great brain exercise, so don’t miss it when you visit John’s Pass. Check their website for more information on how you can book with them.
  • John’s Pass GrilleJohn’s Pass Grille is the go-to source of the best-tasting food in the area. They offer both outdoor and indoor dining experiences. There are also live bands on the patio most evenings to entertain you. JPG offers a wide selection of meals: wings, oysters, shrimps, groupers, salmons, and more!
  • John’s Pass WaveRunnersJohn’s Pass WaveRunners offers convenient WaveRunner and jet ski rental services. If you’re looking for an adventure-filled vacation, riding one of their watercrafts is your best option. Since John’s Pass WaveRunners is located along the Gulf of Mexico, dolphin and manatee sightings are not a rare occurrence.
  • Yogurt City – Yogurt City offers refreshments to tourists and locals alike. Their delectable frozen yogurts, smoothies, bubble teas, and slushies ward off the heat brought about by the sun and ocean breeze. Visit their Facebook page to see a complete list of their offerings.

Hop Aboard Our Royal Conquest Pirate Ship

Besides the above must-try attractions, the one you shouldn’t miss is Sunshine Scenic Tours’ pirate ship cruise.

If you want to explore the gulf waters like John Levique did before, let us make your experience realistic and unforgettable. Satisfy your adventurous appetite with our 46-foot vessel that looks and feels like a real pirate ship. We offer pirate ship cruises in St. Pete Beach, FL, and other areas, including John’s Pass. Feel free to contact us for more details. Call us today to book your pirate ship cruise before slots run out!

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