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Have you ever wondered why the sunset dolphin cruise in Treasure Island is so popular today?

From the 60’s film Flipper and its TV spin-offs to modern media portrayals and conservation efforts, dolphins have captured the hearts and curiosities of many, including kids and adults alike. Back in the day, not everyone understood how intelligent these amazing creatures are or how important it is for them to live and thrive in the wild. Now, you can meet them in their natural habitat without doing any harm!

Here at Sunshine Scenic Tours, our boat tours whisk you off to watch the dolphins swim and play, a truly magical moment to experience, especially for children!

SST Dolphin Quest Boat

Why Choose Sunshine Scenic Tours?

We strive to be the best dolphin excursion company in Treasure Island by offering:

Exceptional Customer Service

Whether it’s a pre-booked trip or a spur of the moment idea, as long as we can accommodate, we will make sure you get the most of your boat tour. Our experienced captain will take you to the best spots in the sea, so you can get a good view of the dolphins. However, in the rare and unexpected case that you are not able to spot even just one, you can still sit and relax while enjoying the panoramic views of the ocean and Treasure Island. Depending on the situation, we may give you another trip to guarantee a sighting!

Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Entertaining Crew

All of our crew members know and value nature. Our definition of quality when it comes to our dolphin cruise in Treasure Island is for it to be merely profitable. One of our main missions is to educate people about the sea, the dolphins, and the need to protect and conserve both. With an educational tour guide narrating, you’ll learn more about dolphins and their diverse environment, making your experience much more worthwhile!

We love entertaining families, no matter what age! Our dolphin cruise in Treasure Island is kid-friendly! Boredom is not part of our vocabulary!

Our crew will also give you an introductory briefing so that you know what to expect and even the best practices for responsible dolphin watching. We should never disturb and scare the animals while we watch them play.

Our crew is knowledgeable and trained in basic life support in case of an emergency. You’re also in safe hands with our certified professional captains. Working hard to meet everyone’s needs, we have the most helpful, outgoing, and patient people on our team.

SST Dolphin
SST Dolphin Quest Boat

Safe and Comfortable Boats

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, safety always comes first. The coast guard in Treasure Island regularly inspect our boats. We perform regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure the health and safety of all our passengers and crew members. Our boats are also outfitted with emergency equipment and first aid kits. Life vests are provided. Guard rails are installed to ensure the safety of children as they enjoy the dolphins jumping in and out of the waves!

Amazing Private Boat Charters

If you would prefer a smaller tour group, we can offer private boat tours, customized for you, your family, and your friends. Corporate events are also welcome! Whether it’s for business or just a social gathering, we make sure your time and money are worth spending with us! We’re open to suggestions, too! Whether morning, daytime, or sunset dolphin cruise in Treasure Island, we can cater to all your excursion needs!

Book a Dolphin Cruise in Treasure Island Now!

A Dolphin cruise in Treasure Island is the adventure for you! You’ll feel the thrill and excitement as if you are swimming right alongside them in the ocean.

With so much to see and experience, we offer several cruise schedules daily, all of which are open to the general public. However, if you choose to go more privately for special events like birthdays, wedding proposals, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or a simple family and friends social gathering, we can arrange a customized trip just for you!

With speed, comfort, and a perfect social layout, your dolphin cruise in Treasure Island will be an unforgettable experience. We guarantee dolphin sightings and a lively, educational journey from start to finish! You’ll go with an experienced captain who’ll be meeting your touring needs at every turn.


What are you waiting for?

An extra bit of surprise to your normal trip to Treasure Island. A sunset dolphin cruise will be unforgettable!

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