Dolphin Cruise on Treasure Island

Embark on a journey across the blue ocean with Sunshine Scenic Tours' Treasure Island dolphin tours!

From the 60’s film Flipper and its TV spin-offs to modern media portrayals and conservation efforts, bottlenose dolphins have captured the hearts and curiosities of many, including kids and adults alike.

Bottlenose dolphins are the most recognized and friendliest cetaceans treading the tropical seas of Treasure Island. They are charismatic and intelligent, making them the stars of the aquatic coast.

Now, you can meet them face to face in their natural habitat! Here at Sunshine Scenic Tours, our dolphin cruise on Treasure Island whisks you off to watch bottlenose dolphins swim and play, a truly magical moment to experience for children and adults alike!

SST Dolphin Tours Journey

Why Choose Sunshine Scenic Tours?

Picturesque views, refreshing sea breeze, fascinating aquatic friends, and guaranteed safety—our dolphin tours on Treasure Island are complete with everything that makes a nature getaway memorable and exciting.

Planning an adventure-filled trip? Our experienced captains run our vessels, and they’ll meet your touring needs at every turn. Here are reasons why you should book an unforgettable trip with our Treasure Island dolphin tours:

SST Fun with Our Staff

Exceptional Customer Service

Whether it’s a pre-booked trip or a spur of the moment idea, we will make sure you get the most of your dolphin cruise on Treasure Island. Our experienced captains will take you to the best spots, so you can get a good view of the dolphins while they’re breaching, kerplunking, and flipper slapping.

Dolphin watching is the highlight of our Treasure Island dolphin tours. In the rare and unexpected instance that you’re unable to spot even just one, you can still sit and relax while enjoying the panoramic views of the ocean. We may also give you another trip to guarantee a sighting!

Trained and Experienced Crew

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, our primary mission is to educate people about the sea, the dolphins, and the need to protect and conserve both. Our crew is familiar with all the history, facts, and local customs of Florida’s coastal stretch. With our educational dolphin tours on Treasure Island, FL, you’ll learn more about dolphins and their environment.

We work hard to meet everyone’s needs. We have the most helpful, outgoing, and caring people on our team. You’ll also be safe in the hands of our certified professional captains, ready to share their knowledge and answer your questions.

Safe and Comfortable Boats

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, safety always comes first. We perform regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure the safety of all our passengers and crew members. Our boats are also outfitted with emergency equipment, first aid kits, and life vests. Guard rails are installed to ensure the safety of children as they enjoy the dolphins jumping in and out of the waves.

Our crew is knowledgeable and trained in basic life support in case of an emergency. We will give you an introductory briefing and guide you on what to expect during your dolphin tours on Treasure Island, and the best practices for responsible dolphin watching.

Stunning Private Boat Charters

If you prefer a smaller group for your dolphin cruise on Treasure Island, Sunshine Scenic Tours offers private boat tours customized for you and the people you love. Corporate events are also welcome. Whether it’s for business or just a social gathering, we make sure your time and money are worth spending with us.

With so much to see and experience, we offer several cruise schedules every day. If you choose to go more privately for special events like birthdays, wedding proposals, or bachelor parties, we can arrange a customized trip just for you!

SST Fun in our Cruise

Our Dolphin Tours on Treasure Island, FL

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, our dolphin tours on Treasure Island, Florida, cater to all your excursion needs. We want to make your trip exciting and worry-free. Experience a 90-minute wildlife cruise through the spectacular waves during our dolphin tours on Treasure Island, FL. Our boat rides can accommodate 35 passengers, so feel free to invite every member of your family and your friends.

While bottlenose dolphins are the star attraction of the Treasure Island tour, we may also cruise Boca Ciego Bay and the Gulf of Mexico—an ideal trip for getting close to the island and the wildlife thriving in the area. If you don’t see any dolphins during the cruise, we will give you a voucher to use on your next trip.

Our Package

Take event planning to the next level with our fun and memorable dolphin tours on Treasure Island, FL. We cater to any events such as:

We also offer snacks and beverages like wine, sodas, sangria, beer, seltzers, and energy drinks. You can drop by and linger around our gift shop to find souvenirs and memorabilia that will commemorate your exciting moment with your family and friends.

Before securing a parking spot, we highly recommend booking an early reservation and arriving one hour before the indicated time of departure. We may cancel the cruise if the minimum number of passengers discussed during the appointment is not met.

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Book a Dolphin Cruise With Us Now!

Feel the thrill and excitement when you venture out the blue ocean alongside bottlenose dolphins and other marine life at our dolphin tours on Treasure Island, Florida.

A dolphin cruise on Treasure Island is undoubtedly an adventure of a lifetime! Add an extra bit of thrill and surprise to your regular trip to Treasure Island. Book a reservation at Sunshine Scenic Tours today! What are you waiting for?

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