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Eco-friendly dolphin cruise tours are a fantastic alternative to watching captive dolphins in aquariums and marine parks.

When responsibly conducted, dolphin cruises play a huge role in motivating people to love and cherish wild dolphins, which in turn can help protect them. When you wish to observe dolphins in their natural habitat, it is vital that you find the best cruise tour you can, meaning one that minimally impacts them so that you two can have the best encounter.

Why Choose Sunshine Scenic Tours?

We Are a Responsible Tour Operator

As a responsible tour operator, we stick to local dolphin watching guidelines in FL. Our cruises are led by knowledgeable and experienced captains and crews. The trip should also be about education, not purely fun and sensation. We’ll discuss the different types of dolphins and other valuable information about them as we sail.

During our dolphin cruise eco tour, we also let the animals decide what happens and never force them into an interaction. Most will willingly approach to surf in the pressure waves that our boats create while we keep a respectful distance. We should never approach these marine mammals head-on, or at high speeds. Irresponsible driving can put them in great danger.

At the core, we have a dedicated team that’s committed to you having a safe, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

We Have Comfortable Boats

Enjoy eco-friendly dolphin cruise tours with spectacular views from our deck, or enjoy lounging on our plush interiors. Our boats have been built for use around the picturesque waters of Boca Ciega Bay. They travel at comfortable cruising speeds and are equipped with great viewing platforms and wrap-around decks.

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We Can Customize Tour Packages

While we normally keep our passenger count small so that you can have more room to move around the boat and enjoy the cruise without missing dolphin sightings (and for safety reasons), we can also customize a trip just for you and your family and friends for special occasions.

We’ve Got Beautiful Places to See

The best eco tours should be able to offer several beautiful places! Boca Ciega Bay is a true gem in Florida waiting to be explored! Our dolphin cruises will take you on an adventure, showcasing not only sea creatures but also other wildlife and pristine beaches. You can also enjoy a superb dining and shopping experience at John’s Pass Village, just a short drive from our location.

Hundreds of guests have ranked us as the best dolphin cruise eco tour provider in Florida. We are hugely proud of this, and it did not happen by luck or chance. With every one of our trips, we combine hard work and enthusiasm so that you’ll have an experience you will never forget, all at an unbeatable price!

Try our eco-friendly dolphin cruise tours on your next vacation!

While we can sail up to 4 times daily, you can check our online booking system if you wish to make early reservations and secure a spot on our boats. Alternatively, you can call or email us, and our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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