Come aboard The Royal Conquest in John’s Pass, FL!

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Are ye ready for a swashbuckling adventure?

Come aboard the Royal Conquest pirate ship in John’s Pass, Florida for an authentic pirate cruise full of family fun!

Explore the beautiful waters of Madeira Beach aboard the majestic Royal Conquest. Bring the whole family along as you experience the fun and excitement of voyaging on an amazing pirate ship cruise, a truly unique experience to add to your family vacation itinerary.

Can you imagine an hour and a half of pirate fun, all while surrounded by the most enchanting waters you will ever see in your life? Whether you are a pirate fanatic or just a curious land lubber, this immersive cruise will make you feel like you’re on a genuine buccaneer’s conquest.

John’s Pass’ Finest Pirate Ship

Embark on an unforgettable adventure aboard the Royal Conquest! This bi-level, 46-foot, U.S. Coast Guard inspected pirate ship can hold up to 46 passengers. It might be the most realistic pirate ship that you will ever set your eyes on. It’s a wonder to see from land. To sail in it, however, is a whole new level of experience; the overall ambiance tells the story of a real pirate’s vessel with a living, breathing crew.

Friendly Pirates around You

The entire crew is dressed like rebel pirates, and they never break character, bringing that true pirate vibe and delivering absolute entertainment for everyone. You can even join the fun by grabbing your own pirate hat, eye patch, swords, and more pirate gear available for purchase in our gift shop. So get ready to hear a lot of “Arrrrrrghhhh”s, “ahoy”s and “matey”s!

SST Pirates
SST water gun fun pirate ship cruise

Pirate Activities for All Ages

What’s a pirate ship cruise without festive music and some treasure hunting? A boring afternoon, that’s what! Get ready for the ultimate buccaneer excursion; we’ve got loot hunting, limbo, pirate stories, and water gun battles that the wee sprogs will surely enjoy. We also have dance parties, drinking, and even dolphin watching that the Salty Dogs of any age will love. Yes! Dolphins are abundant in Madeira Beach so there is a great chance that you’ll be seeing these breathtaking sea creatures before the day is at an end.

There is no age limit to this absolute adventure. Whether you want to relax and see the sights or join in the activities, there is always something for everyone.

Guaranteed Safe and Secure

Be ready for a worry-free pirate expedition! At Sunshine Scenic Tours, we always ensure that everyone onboard the Royal Conquest is safe and protected so you can focus on having the greatest time and nothing else. Apart from the ship being U.S. Coast Guard inspected, all employees are trained in first aid and have been drug tested. There is also a very slim chance that the ship will encounter rough seas, as most of our cruises take place in the peaceful waters of Boca Ciega Bay.

So what are you waiting for, mateys?

Reserve a space on board for your crowd before the cruise sells out! Don’t forget to bring your camera with you to capture all the pirate fun. Wear comfy clothes and bring a jacket when it’s winter. This cruise, available year-round, promises to bring only delightful entertainment from beginning to end!

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