Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable experience through our Shark Boat, Dolphin Quest, and Pirate Ship tours.

Sunshine Scenic Tours offers a variety of tours and fun activities perfect for families and friends looking to make the most of their vacation in Tampa Bay, St. Pete, and Madeira Beach. We’ll take you out on an adventure to see picturesque scenery, enjoy the rich history of John’s Pass, and witness the playful dolphins of our waters.

If you want to know more about pirates, cruise ships, dolphins, shark boats, and more, you’re in the right place! We’ve prepared some guides and blogs for you to look into:

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SST - Kids playing volleyball on the beach
Dive Into Fun: 6 Things to Do in St. Pete With Kids
If you’re looking for things to do with your family in St. Petersburg, Florida, look no further! As residents, we know something about kid-friendly activities for the whole family in the St. Petersburg...
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SST - A man dressed up as a pirate sitting wearing eyeliner and black hat
Tips and Tricks to Nail the Perfect Pirate Look
Ahoy, Mateys! Lookin’ to perfect your pirate look or spruce up the ol’ sailor’s wardrobe? Look no further than this blog filled with treasured advice, tips, and tricks on doing just that!...
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SST - Two bottlenose dolphins swimming underwater
Everything You Need to Know About Dolphins: Intelligence, Communication, Habitat, and More!
Dolphins are one of the world’s most famous creatures, drawing attention from tourists, scientists, and everyone. This multi-faceted mammal displays a variety of traits that make them as popular...
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SST - A closeup shot of a bulldog wearing a pirate hat
Tampa Bay Adventures: Pirates, Cruises, and Dog-Friendly Beaches
The Tampa Bay area is Florida’s second-largest population center, with St. Petersburg directly adjacent. With a large, vibrant, growing population, you can expect many activities and accommodation...
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SST - Dolphins swimming in the sea
6 Tips for a Responsible and Safe Dolphin-Watching Tour Experience
Taking part in a dolphin-watching adventure can be the highlight of a trip. Equal parts exciting and educational, a dolphin-watching tour is an opportunity to get to know the environment and the creatures...
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SST - A Kid as a Pirate
How to Be a Pirate: Fearlessly Unleash Your Inner Buccaneer
Have you ever wondered how to be a pirate, like in the stories? Who can blame you? Pirates are one of the most popular historical professions to this day. So, how does one be the best pirate one can be?...
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SST - Madeira Beach, Florida
A Detailed Traveler’s Guide to Visiting Madeira Beach, Florida
The Florida coast is the go-to destination for exciting adventures and relaxing vacations. There is no place better than Madeira Beach, Florida, to explore the pristine marine environment. This charming...
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SST - Two Jumping Dolphins
Dolphin Cruise Tour: A Must on Your Bucket List Ideas
A dolphin cruise presents an ideal adventure to check off your bucket list. Dolphin cruises are popular for travelers seeking to connect with the ocean’s most intelligent and playful inhabitants....
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SST - A pod of bottlenose dolphins
Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins: What You Need to Know
Around the world, dolphins come in different shapes and sizes. The most recognizable species by far are bottlenose dolphins, which permeate pop culture and are more than likely the type of dolphin you...
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