Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable experience through our Shark Boat, Dolphin Quest, and Pirate Ship tours.

Sunshine Scenic Tours offers a variety of tours and fun activities perfect for families and friends looking to make the most of their vacation in Tampa Bay, St. Pete, and Madeira Beach. We’ll take you out on an adventure to see picturesque scenery, enjoy the rich history of John’s Pass, and witness the playful dolphins of our waters.

If you want to know more about pirates, cruise ships, dolphins, shark boats, and more, you’re in the right place! We’ve prepared some guides and blogs for you to look into:

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Ahoy, Matey! Debunking Pirate Myths: Separating Swashbuckling Fact from Fiction
Debunking Pirate Myths Pirates have captured our imaginations for centuries, from the romanticized tales of daring adventures on the high seas to the fearless pirate legends of ruthless plunderers. But...
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The Best of St. Pete
The Best of St. Pete: What to do and Where to Go in St. Petersburg, Florida
The Best of St. Pete: What to do and Where to Go Nestled on Florida’s Gulf Coast, St. Petersburg beckons travelers with its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant arts scene, and eclectic dining options. Whether...
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Baby Dolphin Season: It's time for Mothers and their Babies in Boca Ciega Bay!
It’s time for Mothers and their Babies As the warm breezes of spring sweep over the tranquil waters of Boca Ciega Bay, a remarkable event unfolds beneath the surface: baby dolphin season. This annual...
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Why Dolphin Sightings Are the Highlight of Any Cruise Experience
Dolphins are some of the most captivating creatures on Earth. Their playful nature and graceful movements have fascinated humans for centuries. It’s no wonder that dolphin sightings are often the...
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Live Music Series | SST
Rock the Waves: Sunshine Scenic Tours's Live Music Series aboard Pirate Ship Royal Conquest!
Set sail with Sunshine Scenic Tours aboard the Pirate Ship Royal Conquest for an unforgettable live music series. Enjoy stunning sunsets, unlimited drinks, and a lineup of talented artists every Saturday...
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Are Dolphin Tours Safe for Dolphins?
Are Dolphin Tours Safe for Dolphins? Many people are drawn to the allure of watching dolphins in their natural habitat. It’s a captivating sight that can leave you in awe of these intelligent and...
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Dolphin Quest" tour boat on sparkling water. | SST
When is the Best Time of Day to See Dolphins?
Many people dream of catching a glimpse of dolphins in their natural habitat. However, these playful creatures can be elusive. If you're planning a dolphin-watching adventure, knowing the best time to...
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Dolphin swimming near surface in green waters. | SST
What to Wear for an Unforgettable Dolphin Encounter
Dolphin encounters are an incredible experience, connecting us with nature uniquely and memorably. Whether you're planning to embark on a dolphin tour, go on a cruise, or enjoy a day at the beach, choosing...
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Dolphin Quest Boat Tour | SST
What to Expect on a Dolphin Cruise: Splashes or Marine Mysteries?
Dolphin trips are a thrilling adventure for all ages. Discover the excitement that awaits you on a dolphin cruise, from the moment you step aboard to the unforgettable encounters with these incredible...
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