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Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable experience through our Shark Boat, Dolphin Quest, and Pirate Ship tours.

Sunshine Scenic Tours offers a variety of tours and fun activities perfect for families and friends looking to make the most of their vacation in Tampa Bay, St. Pete, and Madeira Beach. We’ll take you out on an adventure to see picturesque scenery, enjoy the rich history of John’s Pass, and witness the playful dolphins of our waters.

If you want to know more about pirates, cruise ships, dolphins, shark boats, and more, you’re in the right place! We’ve prepared some guides and blogs for you to look into:

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SST-pirate ship
Five Memorable Sea Shanties Pirates and Sailors Love
Where would a pirate be without their sea shanty? The cheerful tunes sung by pirates of old have made their way into pop culture, turning up far from angry seas. In a pirate’s heyday, a sea shanty...
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SST-manatee in the sea
Where Do Manatees Go in the Winter?
For a manatee, even Florida waters can get a bit chilly. During the winter months when humans flock en masse to warmer weather, manatees disperse throughout Florida’s waterways. There are a lot of...
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SST-Graffiti of Salvador Dali in East London, England
Salvador Dali: St. Petersburg Icon
Salvador Dalí needs no introduction – his artwork speaks for him. From the melting clocks of “The Persistence of Memory” to his interpretations of bizarre dreams, Dalí is the premier surrealist of his...
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Meet the Dolphins of Tampa Bay With Dr. Ann Weaver
Dolphin sightseeing is one of the biggest draws to the Tampa Bay area. Visitors from around the world stop by John’s Pass for a cruise into the Boca Ciega Bay, hoping to catch a glimpse of the dolphins...
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SST-Group of dolphins swimming in an ocean with clear, blue water
The Migration Route of the Bottlenose Dolphin
The bottlenose dolphin, like certain species of birds and elderly New Yorkers, follows the Atlantic coast in search of warmth. The bottlenose dolphin migration route varies, influenced by several key factors. Migration...
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Pirate Drinking from Bottle in Ship Quarters
Why Is Rum Tied with Pirates?
A pirate drinking rum is no myth, and the tie between the sea-faring marauders and one of the most popular alcoholic beverages of all time remains an integral part of pirate lore. A pirate’s relationship...
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SST-Mother and juvenile Spinner dolphins in the wild
What Makes Dolphins Distinct From Fishes?
Our marine ecosystem plays host to a multitude of various creatures. Large and small, fish, mammals, crustaceans, and more call the ocean home. Of these, the intelligent dolphin is known far and wide for...
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SST-Bad Santa Claus
Did Pirates Celebrate Christmas?
Families and friends gather for the Christmas holidays, a tradition dating back ages. When the weather turns bitter and the fire is lit, what could be more welcoming than merrymaking? For a pirate, life...
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SST-dolphine diving under the sea
Why Do Dolphins Whistle?
For dolphins, communication is key. Whether hunting a school of fish or coordinating a pod through John’s Pass, understanding each other is a top priority. Unlike humans, dolphins communicate through...
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