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Go on an exciting yet relaxing adventure. Try Sunshine Scenic Tours' John's Pass Shark Boat!

John’s Pass is one of the best places to visit in the Sunshine State. It is said to have been created when an intense hurricane struck the barrier island in 1848. The first person to discover and pass through it was a pirate named John Levique, hence the name.

Aside from its interesting history, John’s Pass also offers picturesque views. Its village and boardwalk give off an old riverfront vibe, especially on a vessel sailing the waters. It also offers tons of options for watersports and activities. Best of all, its nature and wildlife are something you should not miss.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation in Florida, John’s Pass is the place to be. And what better way to experience all of John’s Pass offerings than on a ride aboard Sunshine Scenic Tours’ shark boat tour in John’s Pass. Our 40-foot vessel will take you on an adventure that’s perfect for children, teens, and adults.

SST Sharkboat John's Pass

Why Go On a Shark Boat Tour in John's Pass, FL, With Sunshine Scenic Tours

Sunshine Scenic Tours is the go-to source of different exhilarating tours and cruises in the Sunshine State. We help tourists and locals make unforgettable memories by providing them with thrilling adventures in the waters of Florida.

Here’s why our shark boat tour in John’s Pass, FL, is among your best options:

Guaranteed Safety

We prioritize our passengers’ safety during our shark boat cruise in John’s Pass. Our experienced captain and crew members undergo random drug testing to make sure that everyone’s far from any harm or danger.

The U.S. Coast Guard regularly inspects our 40-foot vessel to ensure it works well and doesn’t experience mechanical breakdowns during our shark boat tour in John’s Pass.


We make everything convenient for our passengers. Our vessel comes with a restroom you can use anytime. Feel free to take tons of photos and videos; cameras and gadgets are always allowed aboard our vessel.

You won’t get hungry or thirsty while on our shark boat tour in John’s Pass. We have food and drinks available onboard. You can purchase them with cash or credit, whichever you prefer.

Unlimited Fun

When you go on a John’s Pass shark boat tour with us, you’ll experience something memorable. We’ll give you an adventure you’ll never forget. Here are some things you’ll experience with us:

It’s not a secret that Florida is one of the most beautiful places across the globe, a little patch of heaven on Earth. With our shark boat cruise, you’ll get to explore and witness its natural wonders.

Its glittering waters and its fine stretches of white sand will leave you in awe. You’ll also get to witness the islands surrounding John’s Pass. You’ll never run out of things to see when you go on a John’s Pass shark boat tour with us.

One of the best things about Florida is its rich wildlife in their natural habitat. On our shark boat cruise in John’s Pass, you’ll witness the majestic bottlenose dolphins. If you’re lucky, you might see some baby dolphins swimming with their mothers.

Our staff knows the best spots to sight the bottlenose dolphins of Florida. They are a regular sight on our tours. You also have the chance to spot fantastic fish like tuna, snappers, and groupers.

If you like saltwater invertebrates, you’ll find horseshoe crabs, one of the many fascinating marine creatures in John’s Pass. Up in the sky, you’ll see various bird species gliding with the wind like ibises, eagles, egrets, ospreys, and herons. You might also see them feeding on some marine creatures.

Aside from cruising the waters and sighting wildlife, we also provide our passengers with interesting information and trivia about John’s Pass history to help them learn what makes it a great place to visit and explore.

We also promote wildlife protection and nature conservation during our shark boat tour in John’s Pass, so we conduct our cruises responsibly according to the laws and regulations of the state.

Unlimited Fun

There is fun for people of all ages at Sunshine Scenic Tours. Our shark boat tours are open to babies, children, teens, adults, and seniors— bring the whole family with you when you go cruising with us.

Here are a few reminders before you go on a boat tour with us:

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