Shark Boat Tour at Madeira Beach

Meet the only shark that dolphins love with our shark boat tour at Madeira Beach, FL.

Sunshine Scenic Tours is here to introduce you to our 40-foot shark-themed boats roaming across the sparkling waters of Madeira Beach. With their captivating “wakes,” they invite bottlenose dolphins to jump and play with the waves—a rare moment always enjoyed by the crowd.

Bottlenose dolphins are known to be the kindest, friendliest, and most charming sea creatures in Florida. They especially love the attention of the crowd. From time to time, you’ll catch them gliding or surfing through the waves. They’re the true master showmen of the ocean.

These intelligent dolphins enjoy visiting the clear waters of Madeira Beach, a beach city just west of St. Pete. This lively town is best known for its many tourist attractions. From amusement parks, restaurants, and sports activity centers, you’ll never run out of things to do.

With Sunshine Scenic Tours, you’ll have a chance to get up close with the bottlenose dolphins and witness them turn the ocean into their own stage. Save a day or more of your vacation to catch our shark boat tour at Madeira Beach.

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Why Go on Boat Tours at Madeira Beach

What better way to appreciate the endless, beautiful, blue waters of Madeira Beach than going on a cruise vacation. If you want to experience as much as the raw and untouched beauty of the Atlantic waters, here’s why you should opt for a shark boat tour at Madeira Beach:

Meeting people at the dinner table might be boring for some. An action-packed cruising experience across the ocean is what you need to level up your social events.

Whether you plan on celebrating your birthday with a few friends or commemorating an anniversary with the whole family, a shark boat tour at Madeira Beach always has something fun and unique to offer.

Madeira Beach is home to diverse and fascinating wildlife. Up in the sky or in the shallows, you can watch birds such as egrets, ibises, herons, and spoonbills swim or feed. While bottlenose dolphins are the star attraction during the tour, you also have a chance to meet other marine life such as groupers, tuna, and snappers.

If you dream of having a close encounter with unique wildlife at sea, book a shark boat tour with Sunshine Scenic Tours. Make sure you have your camera with you to capture these genuinely magical moments and share them with your friends online.

Boat trips are one way to enjoy many onboard activities. From going on a shark boat tour Madeira Beach, you can switch up and try kayaking, paddleboarding, surfboarding, and many other activities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try something extreme. You can jet-ski, hike, or hop on a floating tiki bar at the beach waterfront. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Madeira Beach.

Why Choose Sunshine Scenic Tours

There’s so much more to enjoy in Madeira Beach. At Sunshine Scenic Tours, we do our best to ensure that you’ll have the most memorable experience. With many boats and waterfront venues to choose from, here’s why you should ride the waves with our shark boat cruise at Madeira Beach:

Safety and Maintenance

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, we pay the most attention to the safety of our crew and guests. During unexpected mishaps in the sea, our whole team is trained to perform the best course of action. We’ll also brief you on basic safety guidelines while on our shark boat cruise at Madeira Beach tour.

Beyond this, we also conduct routine inspections to ensure that our Madeira Beach shark boat is clean and in good working condition before leaving the dock. From life vests, first aid kits, emergency equipment to structural guards, our boats are outfitted with all the safety equipment specified by Maritime Law.

Educational Ride

With our caring and friendly team on board, you learn more about bottlenose dolphins and their environment. During your tour on our shark boat at Madeira Beach, FL, you’ll be guided by our knowledgeable captains, who are more than happy to share their interesting stories and knowledge with you.

Aside from giving you a one-of-a-kind experience with Florida’s wildlife, we will also educate you on the culture, local customs, and history of Madeira Beach when you hop aboard our shark boat at Madeira Beach, FL.

Personalized Excursion

Sunshine Scenic Tours offers private boat tours tailored for your excursions. You can choose from several cruise schedules to make the most of the area, and we also cater to special events such as corporate parties, wedding weekends, educational tours, and many more.

Our Madeira Beach shark boat is a wide vessel that can accommodate your family and friends. For more details on our boat tours and packages, feel free to reach out to our friendly staff.


Our Shark Boat Tour at Madeira Beach, FL

Savor thrilling and rare moments with bottlenose dolphins when you ride our Madeira Beach shark boat.

We, at Sunshine Scenic Tours, want you to enjoy the sunny weather with adventure-filled activities in the waters. From pirate-themed to shark-themed boats, we offer various boat tour services where you can enjoy cruising in style. Call us and book a reservation today!

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