Dolphin Cruise in John’s Pass

Have the time of your life on a dolphin cruise in John's Pass, FL.

Experience something new together with your loved ones. John’s Pass, Florida, offers the perfect avenue for a variety of activities. Get everything you need in one place — peace, adventure, fun, and relaxation.

John’s Pass is a lively neighborhood full of great dining spots, dainty souvenir shops, and several establishments offering rentals for different watersports activities. Take a walk along the boardwalk as you listen to the calming waves. This outdoor shopping and dining complex remains one of the go-to vacation spots for many.  

Our John’s Pass dolphin cruise is an educational and fun way to watch bottlenose dolphins up close. Witness the beautiful sunset unravel and turn John’s Pass into a golden haven. There’s something perfect for the kids and the young-at-heart in this family-friendly tourist spot.

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, our dolphin tours in John’s Pass brings you more than just dolphin watching. Get the chance to see the dolphins do their majestic jumps and leaps. Bask in the beauty surrounding John’s Pass. Experience something that is surely one for the books.

SST Dolphin Cruise IMG
SST Dolphin Cruise IMG

Climb Aboard Our Dolphin Cruise in John's Pass, FL

There are several reasons you should bring your family with you on a dolphin cruise in John’s Pass. Here are some of them:

SST Dolphin swimming in Johns Pass

Get Close to a Variety of Wildlife

Of course, dolphins are a given when you ride on our cruise. However, there’s more to John’s Pass than bottlenose dolphins. There are plenty of manatees in the water that are sure to impress. Look up! There’s something in the sky as well.

John’s Pass has its fair share of majestic birds — egrets, ospreys, eagles, glossy ibis, great blue herons, and more. Another bonus is the stretch of white sand and pristine blue waters surrounding the fishing village. Ready your cameras and snap a few photos to add to your adventure scrapbook.

Meet New People

At our John’s Pass dolphin cruise, get the chance to make new friends. While you watch the dolphins and traverse the clear waters, strike conversations with other passengers. Sip your beverage of choice and enjoy onboard snacks while meeting new friends.

Capture the picturesque views. Take a photo or two together with your newfound friends. Who knows? You might even do it again. Plan adventures together and try something new once in a while.

Be One With Mother Nature

Take a break from your responsibilities for a day. At Sunshine Scenic Tours, get the chance to unwind, reconnect, and be one with nature. Our dolphin boat tours in John’s Pass will allow you to get the peace you deserve — away from the noise and the pressure.

Be one with nature. Inhale the fresh air and get rid of the negativity. Get your dose of relaxation alongside the majestic swimmers of John’s Pass. Their signature smiles are sure to melt anyone’s heart. Here at Sunshine Scenic Tours, our priority is to give you the perfect escape.

Have a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Create memories that will last a lifetime. Let the kids interact with the dolphins. Watch as they squeal with joy and as their eyes fill with wonder and curiosity. Not only will everyone have fun, but you’ll also learn a thing or two about the dolphins and the rich history that envelopes John’s Pass.

Our dolphin boat tours in John’s Pass will encourage your children to understand and appreciate marine life. For a truly magical experience, hop on a boat, head out into the open sea, and see how common bottlenose dolphins thrive in their natural habitat.

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All About Our Dolphin Tours in John's Pass

Experience something fun and unique. This activity is a surefire way to bond with your family and friends. Here is everything you need to know:

Cruise Duration: 90 minutes — around Boca Ciega Bay and the Gulf of Mexico
Seating Capacity: 35 passengers
Seating: Cushioned benches in the center and around the boat’s perimeter
The departure time is at 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM.

Here are the package inclusions:

At our dolphin cruise John’s Pass, we have drinks and snacks that you can purchase. We accept cash or credit. Some of the beverages we have are sangria, sodas, seltzers, beer, wine, water, and Gatorade. Commemorate the whole experience by dropping by our gift shop before or after the cruise.

We highly recommend that you make reservations before you go to guarantee your spot. Arrive one hour before the indicated departure time so you can secure a parking spot and get the boarding pass in the gift shop. If the minimum number of guests is not met until the departure time, we may cancel the cruise.

At our dolphin tours in John’s Pass, your satisfaction is our priority. Dolphin sightings are expected during the daytime. If you do not see a dolphin during the cruise, we’ll make it up to you with a voucher.

You may also book our dolphin cruise in John’s Pass for special events.

Our 40-foot, USCG-inspected dolphin boat will make any event remarkable and unforgettable. We cater for the following events:

Imagine you and 34 other people having fun in the middle of open waters with dolphins and other wildlife in the area. Our dolphin cruise in John’s Pass will leave you and your guests in awe. Satisfy your cravings for water adventure and nature escapade with us!

SST Dolphin Cruise Private Party Booking Available

Book a Spot in Our John's Pass Dolphin Cruise

What are you waiting for? Spend time with some of the most intelligent ocean animals humans know!

Catch a glimpse of their iconic leaps by booking a spot in advance. Our John’s Pass dolphin cruise might be just the thing you need. Bring your loved ones along for the ride. We can’t wait to have you with us!

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