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Celebrating an Exciting Christmas on a Cruise Ship

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If you’re looking to infuse a dash of swashbuckling adventure into your Christmas festivities, why not host a pirate-themed Christmas on a cruise ship or embark on a dolphin-watching vessel?

Imagine experiencing the twinkling lights reflecting off the waves, the scent of saltwater in the air, and the joy of celebrating Christmas in a nautical wonderland. What more can you ask for?

We here at Sunshine Scenic Tours are thrilled to offer an actual pirate ship decked to the brim with yule-time jingle and jangle, as well as two vessels specifically for viewing the majestic dolphins that swim these waters year-round.

If you’re looking to spend Christmas on a cruise ship, here’s your guide to making the most of the holiday season on the high seas.

Setting Sail on a Pirate-Themed Cruise Ship

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Celebrating Christmas on a cruise ship means that the holiday spirit gets a seafaring twist. Imagine Christmas trees adorned with nautical ornaments, wreaths made of ship ropes, and Santa donning a pirate hat.

The ship transforms into a maritime wonderland, with the crew and passengers alike immersed in the joyous fusion of Christmas and pirate lore.

The crew of the Royal Conquest embraces the holiday by welcoming aboard a seasonal guest for this cruise on Christmas. Meet Pirate Claus, the seafaring cousin of the North Pole’s famous resident.

On a pirate-themed cruise, Santa adds a touch of maritime magic to the traditional Christmas visit. Engage in swashbuckling activities like pirate costume contests, treasure hunts, and pirate storytelling sessions for the little buccaneers on board. If the mood should strike you, consider a traditional Christmas shanty – err, carol.

Have an exciting time caroling under a starlit sky while celebrating Christmas on board a cruise ship with the gentle lull of the ocean as your backdrop. Gather on the ship’s deck for a festive sing-along. Sea shanties and classic Christmas carols merge, creating a unique and unforgettable Yuletide atmosphere.

A Pirate-Themed Gift Exchange

Consider this: why spend Christmas indoors when you could spend Christmas on board a cruise ship? Renting a vessel for your holiday festivities is sure to leave a lasting impression on your family. What’s more, you can do everything you can do in a living room while celebrating Christmas on a cruise ship.

Swap gifts with your shipmates in a pirate-themed gift exchange aboard the Royal Conquest during your cruise on Christmas! From eye patches and tricorn hats to pirate-themed trinkets and treasures, the possibilities are as vast as the ocean.

Encourage creativity and fun by incorporating elements of the sea into your gift-giving. Bury your gift in the sand and give the children a map to find their present. On top of being a fun activity that’ll keep them busy for hours, it’ll teach them an important lesson about working hard for your reward.

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Pirates, not your thing? Consider spending the holidays on a cruise ship watching dolphins!

Boca Ciega Bay is known for its diverse marine life, and it’s certainly possible to encounter dolphins while sailing in the bay during your cruise on Christmas. Dolphins are often spotted in the coastal water of Florida, including bays, estuaries, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Boca Ciega Bay, with its rich ecosystem and proximity to the Gulf, provides a suitable habitat for dolphins. During the winter months, dolphins love to spend time in John’s Pass as it provides a safe, relatively warm environment to spend winter.

What’s more, manatees often make an appearance as they seek out warmer water as well. Considering spending the holidays on a cruise ship is well worth the effort.

Ugly Pirate Sweater Contest

Let’s face it – someone you know or love will be wearing an ugly sweater this holiday season. There is practically nothing you can do about it, so why not make it part of your festivities?

Gather your family, friends, or colleagues and climb aboard the Royal Conquest or Dolphin Quest donned in your favorite pirate-themed ugly sweater for Christmas on a cruise. The crew of the ship may even help you decide which one is more heinous.

Looking for a prize for the winner? Look no further than having them walk the plank! Or something considerably safer, maybe some pirate gold or a gift certificate to ride again?

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas on a cruise or a dolphin-watching vessel, the high seas offer a one-of-a-kind holiday experience.

From festive decorations and themed activities to unique dining experiences, combining Christmas traditions with nautical elements during Christmas on a cruise creates memories that will be treasured long after the holiday season has sailed away.

So, cast off the bowlines, set sail, and may your Christmas be filled with the joy of the seas and the spirit of adventure!

Book Your Christmas on a Cruise Ship With Sunshine Scenic Tours

This holiday season, create unforgettable memories with Sunshine Scenic Tours! Set off from John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk on a magical Johns Pass dolphin cruise and celebrate Christmas like never before.

Whether you choose the enchanting Pirate Ship Royal Conquest, the delightful Dolphin Quest, or the exhilarating Shark Boat, our daily departures ensure your holiday is filled with adventure and joy. Don’t just imagine a festive Christmas on board a cruise ship; experience it with us. A sea of holiday wonders awaits you!

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