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SST 2 DIY Pirate Costume Ideas You Should Try on Your Next Cruise

2 DIY Pirate Costume Ideas You Should Try on Your Next Cruise

Boys Pirate Costumes

Whether you or your son wants to dress up like a real pirate on your next cruise, this idea will help you DIY a costume in minutes. So, grab your notepad and start listing what you will need to gather along with these simple instructions on how to make a pirate costume for your vacation.

What you will need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Silver tin foil
  • Gold spray paint
  • 1 sheet of 8X24-inch black felt paper
  • A glue gun
  • Black shirt
  • Oversized, white, long-sleeved, button-down shirt
  • Black sweatpants
  • A pair of boots
  • Red handkerchief or scarf
  • Black face paint
  • A black string

How to make a pirate costume for boys:

Step one: Make the sword.

The first thing you need to do to create this DIY pirate costume is make the sword. Begin with tracing out a sword shape from your cardboard. Cut it out and then wrap the blade part with silver tin foil. Now, paint the sword handle with gold spray paint.

Step two: Create an eye patch.

Some iconic pirate-themed costumes need an eye patch to make the whole aesthetic like a typical pirate. The next step would be to create an eye patch using your black felt paper. Draw a semi-circle that is the right size and shape to cover the person’s eye. Next, get the black string and wrap it around the person’s head to measure the length needed to secure the eye patch — tie it later on. Lastly, attach your eye patch to the black string using a hot glue gun.

Step three: Assemble the top.

Now, we can start assembling the top. To do this, cut the sleeves of the black t-shirt and slice a straight line on the middle of the tee. After creating the vest, you can start sewing the edges to create a professional seam. Prep the long-sleeved button-down shirt and pair it with the vest to complete the look. Set aside the top and move on to the pants.

Step four: Cut the sweat pants.

This time you will have to cut the sweat pants’ bottoms in a zigzag design until they fall around your mid-calf.

Step five: Dress up.

Our last but not the least step is for you to dress yourself up in the DIY pirate costume you created. Put on the whole outfit from the shirt, vest, pants, boots, and eye patch. Add some mustache on your face using the black face paint and voila – you now have a little pirate ready to party.

Girls’ Pirate Costumes

There are easy ways to create girls’ pirate costumes, too! With this guide, you can DIY a pirate costume for girls and become the pirate you always wished you could be. Check out the steps below!

What you will need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Tape measure
  • A huge piece of black, thick colored paper
  • Glue
  • White paint
  • Elastic
  • Bandana
  • Black and white striped t-shirt
  • Black skirt

How to make a pirate costume for girls:

Step one: Make a hat

For this DIY pirate costume, you will have to start with creating the hat. To do this, measure your head first using a tape measure so that you will get the accurate size for your pirate hat. Afterward, draw on two huge pieces of black paper the shape of the pirate’s hat. One will be the front part, while the other will be the back part. Take note that if you are not confident with drawing, you can print out a template from the internet and use this as your guide. Now, attach the edges of the two parts using glue and let them dry. Draw a skull design on the front part of the hat and use white paint to color it. Lastly, cut a band of elastic that perfectly fits your head and attach it to the head hole with tape or glue.

Step two: Accessorize the outfit.

To complete this girl’s pirate costume, grab a bandana and wear it around your neck. You can also wear the red bandana around your waist or wherever you are comfortable.

Step three: Wear your DIY pirate costume.

You can now wear your DIY pirate costume by matching your black and white striped tee with a black skirt. Wrap the bandana around your neck or waist, then add our DIY pirate hat for the finale.

There you have it, the two easy DIY pirate costume ideas you should try for your next party or vacation. And to make the experience even more memorable, you could rock your new pirate costume on a real pirate ship cruise! I bet you and your friends or family will truly enjoy this unique experience!

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