Pirate Cruise Madeira Beach, FL

According to legends, John LeVique, a European pirate, was the first to “settle” in the Madeira Beach area.

Now, this city, west of St. Petersburg, is popular for beach lovers because of its pristine white sandy beaches. Even if it is small and has only about 5,000 locals, this paradise still has so much to offer.

Its warm and calm waters are a good vacation spot, and there are many nearby areas to keep you busy when you are done at the beach. West of St. Petersburg and near John’s Pass Village, you can also enjoy some superb dining and shopping!

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that you and your kids will never forget, a pirate cruise in Madeira Beach, FL is absolutely perfect! Enjoy a whole new adventure and some swashbuckling action! We’ll take you on a tour where your imagination is the only limit!

SST Madeira Beach Overhead View

Why Choose Sunshine Scenic Tours?

Sunshine Scenic Tours is a sightseeing and cruise company operating out of Madeira Beach in Florida.

How are we different? Our main goal is to entertain, excite, and create a comfortable environment for our guests, both kids and adults. Our 2-level boat offers incredible views of the sea and other points of interest along the Gulf of Mexico.

With our team of experienced and dedicated professionals, this unique tour takes you out of the ordinary and allows you to enjoy the locale in a whole new way! Our pirate cruise in Madeira Beach, FL includes but is not limited to:

SST Kid Friendly Cruise

Kid-Friendly Activities and Entertainment

As parents, it can be difficult to think of different things to enjoy that will not easily bore your children. A pirate ship cruise in Madeira Beach, FL is fun for adults, but it also caters to kids, nurturing their imaginations and creativity in the most enjoyable way!

On our boat, pirate costumes and other accessories are available. Everybody can dress up like a real pirate! We can also do face-painting, storytelling, sea shanties, and lots of pretending! During our trip, our crew will help you decode secret maps to find Hidden Treasures, but be warned, pirate! You must be all willing to take the Pirate Oath and work as a team to defend our ship! We will be on the lookout for anyone who may try to steal our treasure!

100% Safety Rating

How many times have you stepped aboard a 2-level, 46-foot pirate ship? You read that right! Our customized pirate ship cruise in Madeira Beach, FL is perhaps one of the most beautiful vessels you will ever set your eyes on. Also, it meets all the specifications for quality. The US Coast Guard does regular inspections to ensure everyone’s safety, and our staff is fully trained.

Knowledgeable, Safety-Minded, and Fun Crew

Our talented crew will make sure you and your little pirates will have the best vacation ever! Our captains have professional licenses, which ensures knowledge, experience, and zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs. Because the well-being of our passengers is one of our top priorities, our crew members are also trained to do first aid.

Private Charters

Do you want to sail privately on an adult-only cruise? Are you celebrating any special occasion like a birthday, bachelorette party, or Halloween? Why not book our pirate ship cruise in Madeira Beach, FL? A themed party is always a big hit!

If you want to enjoy dinner at sea with live music, we can make that happen! We can also request delicious gourmet meals, snacks, and drinks for you! Make this an event to remember! Contact us so we can customize a package based on your preferences and needs.

SST Party Cruise

Get ready for the best fun you’ve ever had!

Book your pirate ship cruise in Madeira Beach, FL only from Sunshine Scenic Tours! Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. To avoid disappointment, especially during peak season, booking in advance is highly recommended.

Also, please arrive at least half an hour prior to your scheduled departure to allow enough time for everyone to put on their costumes and get your faces painted. Get professional photos as pirates aboard the ship! These photo keepsakes will be the ones you want to show to your grandkids in the future!

Check our website or contact us for more information.

Adult price at 42 USD

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