Dreamlike Dolphin Cruise Madeira Beach, FL

There is something truly fascinating about dolphins.

The way they swim around and plunge in and out of the water is such an extraordinary sight. Lucky are those who have had the chance meet them, watch them up close, and interact with them, even for a short moment. Actually, that’s all you need! Like a chance, memorable meeting with someone special, a few seconds of interaction with them is enough to remember this wonderful experience for the rest of your life.

We at Sunshine Scenic Tours offer the best dolphin cruise in Madeira Beach, FL. Seeing our customers’ eager faces as they wait for the dolphins to reveal themselves in the water is always the most thrilling part of our job. What we love the most is witnessing people’s astonishment when they finally see the dolphins swim, jump, and entertain in person.

SST Bottlenose Dolphin

Have you ever wondered why dolphins are such magical sea creatures?

Here are just a few of the exceptional qualities that they possess:

Most experts agree that dolphins are among the smartest animals in the world. They are known for being quick learners and great imitators, but they also have amazing problem-solving skills, a unique way of communicating with their groups, and excellent social skills that allow them to easily interact with humans as well. Scientists believe that this intelligence is a result of the large size and complexity of their brains, some of the largest in the animal world.

Dolphins love to show off their movements and amuse watchers. As naturally playful marine animals, dolphins can leap, flip, and dive. Some can even “walk” on water by rising above it then flapping their tails forward or backward, also known as ‘tail-walking.’ Though Dolphins are not the only sea creatures that can jump out of the water – there are humpback whales, orcas, mackerel sharks, and flying fish, to name a few others – they are maybe the most graceful in doing so. You can see a pod of dolphins performing these amazing acrobatics in unison if you book our dolphin cruise in Madeira Beach, FL.

This marine mammal sure knows how to win people’s hearts through its charm and beauty. Their smooth, rubbery skin, stunning silver color, fins on both sides and back make up the dolphin’s unique appearance. The structure of its face makes it look like it is always smiling.

Going on a sunset dolphin cruise in Madeira Beach, FL gives you the wonderful opportunity to see these mesmerizing creatures up close. Let’s go on a quest for dolphins while cruising around beautiful waters in our amazing sightseeing tour boat.

Why Choose Our Dolphin Tours?

Here are the best reasons why you should allow us to take you on a dolphin cruise in Madeira Beach, FL:

SST Dolphin Quest Cruise

Our Boats Are Amazing

Our 40-foot sightseeing tour boat is the best way to travel around the scenic waters of Boca Ciega Bay. Your family’s safety is guaranteed as our boat is U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified. No need to worry about bringing a large crowd, as it can load up to 35 passengers.

We Will Keep You Safe

Apart from being U.S. Coast Guard inspected, our dolphin cruise in Madeira Beach, FL comes with knowledgeable and experienced captains and crew members. The majority of our dolphin cruise tours sail only in the quiet waters of Boca Ciega Bay, so the chances of encountering rough seas is very slim. We can go out into the Gulf of Mexico but only in special instances. You can rest assured that you and your family will not only have a great time but will also be well taken care of.

Dolphins Are “Just Around the Corner”

Going on a sunset dolphin cruise in Madeira Beach, FL is your best option if you truly want to meet dolphins up close. Due to the abundance of dolphins in the area, as it is their natural habitat, your encounter with these incredible sea creatures is guaranteed. Feel free to bring your camera along to take a snap of the dolphins nearby and to record all the fun things happening on the boat as well.

Our Customers Keep Coming Back

We have regular customers who return to us for more fun with dolphins. The friendly and comfortable vibe that we provide is just one of the reasons why being on our boat is an encounter they keep on coming back to. We’re not here to only take you on a dolphin sightseeing trip. We want to ensure that you will have the greatest dolphin-watching experience of your life!

SST DQ Customers Enjoying the Dolphin Cruise

Go on a dolphin cruise in Madeira Beach, FL with Sunshine Scenic Tours and allow us to take you on an adventure!

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and don’t forget to put on a jacket if you’re touring during the winter months.

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