Pirate Cruise in Treasure Island, FL

Treasure Island, situated along the Gulf of Mexico, boasts several white sandy beaches, clear water, welcoming resorts, and family-friendly attractions, making it one of the best destinations for your next vacation in Florida.

It’s also a short drive from St. Petersburg and even major theme parks.

While going to such a nice beach is a fun way to spend a vacation, especially with kids, making this the centerpiece of your vacation can make feel it a bit ordinary. As such, what you have to do next time is spice up your adventure with a little twist, something fun, engaging, and unusual. One such activity is going on a pirate ship cruise in Treasure Island, FL, a bonding experience for your kids that you can book all year round. It could actually be a unique venue for celebrating holidays like Halloween.

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, along with other packages, we offer a pirate cruise in Treasure Island, FL. Our goal is to give our clients the most accurate and enjoyable pirate experience. Our pirate cruise in Treasure Island, FL is perfect for everyone who is young at heart, as we strive to make your next beach adventure unique and memorable.

SST PQ Docked

Why Go on a Pirate Ship Cruise in Treasure Island, FL?

SST PQ Aboard the ship

Spectacular Ships

Our ships are designed for that ‘wow’ factor! We make sure to simulate the pirate experience the best we can, and that begins with our perfectly curated and engineered vessels. This is why kids and adults alike enjoy them so much: we want them to hold up to the vision you always had in your mind, something to match the cartoons and movies you’ve known all your life. Our ships are also made from state-of-the art materials, and your safety and security onboard are always guaranteed.

Helpful Staff, with Character

Of course, a pirate ship cruise in Treasure Island, FL would not be complete without pirates. Our staff will don authentic pirate costumes, with costumes and props for you and the family as well. So think of your pirate names and ready yourself for a once in a lifetime pirate experience that you will never forget! Our employees serve as captain and crew, and they are always ready to assist and entertain. Our crew is committed to making sure that your pirate cruise in Treasure Island, FL is a happy and memorable experience that you will always cherish and look back on as a real adventure.

Fun and Engaging Activities for People of All Ages

Our pirate ship cruise in Treasure Island, FL is perfect for people of all ages who are young at heart and are looking to have a one of a kind experience. We usually only get to watch or see pirates in movies and cartoons. Everyone probably has an idea who Captain Jack Sparrow is and what his adventures were like. A pirate cruise in Treasure Island, FL is a fun and engaging way to experience what it is like to be a pirate, without any of the negative setbacks. For adults, this is a good way to reconnect with your inner child and pretend a little. It also serves as a great family activity and bonding time for parents and their children.

Other Activities Are Available on Board

Apart from the well-designed ships and the costumes, our pirate cruise in Treasure Island, FL will also showcase different onboard activities that pirates and little swabbies can do. These include a little bit of sword fighting, firing canons, singing along to pirate shanties, reading treasure maps, and finding sunken treasure. There is also face painting, water gun fights, and even dancing. Since it’s a cruise, you can’t miss the incredible sightseeing as you take in the scenery and spot sea creatures like whales and dolphins. 

SST PQ Other Activities on board

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, we ensure there is never a dull moment during our pirate ship cruise in Treasure Island, FL so that you know it is worth every doubloon.

Join us as we sail the waters of Treasure Island! Our pirate crew will keep you entertained while you enjoy the activities, costumes, and nautical atmosphere! We offer a variety of packages perfect for special events like birthdays, school field trips, weddings, and more!

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