Shark Boat Tour at St. Pete Beach

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime by joining our shark boat tour at St. Pete Beach, FL.

The best beaches in Florida are nestled within the friendly and laid-back town of St. Pete Beach. From world-class delicacies and thrilling activities to diverse shopping centers, there’s always something to do and enjoy in every corner of St.Pete Beach.

Complete your vacation checklist with a unique experience inside the belly of a “beast.” Our 40-foot shark-themed boat tour is an exciting way to cruise the Floridian seas while being close to the marine wildlife.

You’re sure to have an educational trip as you learn about bottlenose dolphins, their diverse environment, and other fun facts about St. Pete Beach. End your day with relaxing views of the orange sunset surrounded by sparkling blue waters.

If you’re looking for an action-packed adventure, Sunshine Scenic Tours takes on a fascinating shark boat tour at St. Pete Beach. You’ll have a chance to encounter charming and intelligent bottlenose dolphins who jump, play, and cruise with the waves. Guided by certified boat captains, we’re sure you will learn a thing or two by the end of the tour.

SST SB Overhead Shot

Why Go on Boat Tours at St. Pete Beach

From the soothing colors of aquamarine water to the lively life of the coastline, boat tours introduce you to an entirely different version of the world. No matter how long you’ve been cruising offshore, there’s always something new to learn and enjoy when you go on a shark boat tour at St. Pete Beach.

There are more than a hundred reasons to go boating. Here are some of them:

It’s undeniable that our jobs, studies, and other obligations can get overwhelming and taxing. What better way to take a break and relax than being close to the ocean? One of the best solutions to a stressful day is quality time with your family, refreshing sea breeze, and gentle waves on our shark boat at St. Pete Beach, FL. Let the sea take your stress and worries away.

St. Pete is not only home to the best beaches in Florida; it also hosts diverse and fascinating wildlife. When you hop on our shark boat at St. Pete Beach, FL, you have the opportunity to meet new aquatic friends like turtles, otters, tuna, snappers, and other sea life.

The sky of St. Pete Beach is also a haven for unique feathered friends. You can try bird watching at a safe distance when boating; observe egrets, ibises, and herons soar overhead while spoonbills wade on the waters to find food.

The white sandy beaches of St. Pete are popular destinations for many exciting and fun activities near the ocean. After your educational shark boat cruise at St. Pete Beach, you can go hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, camping, and other activities suitable for all ages.

Boat trips are also perfect for those who love to enjoy multiple activities. Whether it’s watersports or an extensive cultural experience, you can make the most of your visit to the Sunshine State with a St. Pete Beach shark boat.

Why Choose Sunshine Scenic Tours

While spotting bottlenose dolphins is undoubtedly the main event of our shark boat cruises, here are other things that make Sunshine Scenic Tours the best choice for your beach escapade:

Comfort and Safety

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, our whole crew is dedicated to putting everyone’s safety first.  You will be cruising with our certified captains, who are trained and educated on basic safety guidelines. Before leaving the dock and going offshore, our friendly crew will give you an orientation on what to expect during the tour and the best practices to maintain. Our St. Pete Beach shark boat is also outfitted with equipment and tools to use in case of unexpected situations. We also make sure that each vessel is inspected and cleaned before leaving the dock to ensure a safe tour.

Knowledge and Experience

St. Pete Beach is filled with interesting facts, history, and stories. At Sunshine Scenic Tours, we’re here to familiarize you with its amazing culture and local customs. Our captains are more than happy to answer your questions during your shark boat tour St. Pete Beach.

Our team also has vast knowledge on dealing with nocturnal wildlife and the best sites they generally appear. We will make sure you’ll see as many dolphins, birds, fish, and other animals as you can within the time you paid for.

Personalized Boat Tours

Sunshine Scenic Tours is here to meet your excursion needs. Whether you’re looking for something new to celebrate your birthday or an exciting way to spend time with your friends, our St. Pete beach shark boat is always up and ready.

We offer special event packages for corporate parties, wedding weekends, birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals. Planning a perfect vacation trip can be complicated, but you can never go wrong with our shark boat tour.

SST SB Cruise on water

Our Shark Boat Tour at St. Pete Beach, FL

Elevate your family vacation, be close to adorable and intelligent dolphins, and join us on a shark boat cruise at St. Pete Beach.

Sunshine Scenic Tours offers a variety of boat tour services where you can witness bottlenose dolphins play and swim around. Call us today for more details on our packages and important points to remember.

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