Shark Boat Tour on Treasure Island

Get up close with the bottlenose dolphins while riding inside the belly of our Treasure Island shark boat.

Sharks are not the friendliest of animals. But here at Sunshine Scenic Tours, we’ll introduce you to the only shark that dolphins love to be with. Our 40-foot shark-themed boats stalk the pristine waters of Treasure Island, designed to create “killer” wakes, inviting dolphins to jump and play along.

Treasure Island is a beautiful beach revered as an excellent spot for an up-close encounter with bottlenose dolphins. Aside from these daring swimmers inhabiting the Gulf of Mexico, Treasure Island is also home to diverse, fascinating sea creatures and local wildlife.

Offshore excursions aboard our shark boat tour on Treasure Island are a relaxing and fun way to bond with your loved ones. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and witness how the orange-filled sky unfolds— the perfect setup to loosen up from an overtaxing week.

There is always something new to experience at our shark boat tour on Treasure Island. Sunshine Scenic Tours offers you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ride the waves with the dolphins and make the most of the stunning, sparkling blue coast of Treasure Island.

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Why Go on Boat Tours on Treasure Island

Nothing beats the peace and tranquility of being gently rocked on the waves. Whether you’re looking for something unique or craving to have some time at sea, there’s always something to enjoy during a boat trip. Here’s why you should opt for an exciting boat tour on Treasure Island:

Treasure Island hosts a variety of captivating creatures, both on land and at sea. Bottlenose dolphins are the star attraction of the shark boat tours on Treasure Island, but we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to be close to the shore’s other riches. From fantastic fish like groupers, snappers, and tuna to the saltwater invertebrates like horseshoe crabs, Treasure Island’s waters are home to these amazing marine animals.

Bird watching is another fun activity you can do while riding our Treasure Island shark boat. Various types of sea birds such as herons, ibises, and egrets usually roam the area. You can see them gliding through the air or feeding on the ocean.

With a name like Treasure Island, you know this town is the epicenter of fun and amusements that’ll create memories for keeps. Starting from the wide sparkling beach, cool off from the hot sun by jumping into the clear waters. You can also go snorkeling and witness many aquatic creatures in their natural habitat.

After a successful shark boat tour on Treasure Island, FL, you can try other activities offered by local vendors, such as kite-flying, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Bring your camera with you and capture these fun moments with the people you love. You can cherish these on your own or share them with your friends on social media.

Bottlenose dolphins are the highlight of our tour. You can spot them flipping and riding the waves. The vessel we use for our shark boat cruise on Treasure Island is specifically designed to create a “wake,” or water vibrations that propel the dolphins along that allow them to cruise through the waves without effort.

Bottlenose dolphins are innately charming, friendly, and intelligent. They love to acknowledge and react to adoring crowds. See if a dolphin or two decides to catch the wake of our shark boat on Treasure Island, FL, and you may catch them performing for the audience.

Why Choose Sunshine Scenic Tours

Sunshine Scenic Tours is your partner in elevating your exciting and worry-free vacation along the Atlantic lines. We cater to all your excursion needs—may it be for your children’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or even employee get-togethers. If you’re in the area, here’s why our shark boat cruise on Treasure Island must be #1 on your vacation list:

Safe Cruise

Sunshine Scenic Tours puts you and your family’s safety first. We make sure our shark boat on Treasure Island, FL, is clean and properly maintained before leaving the dock.

We always carry emergency equipment, first aid kits, and life vests in our vessels. We understand that kids get super excited when seeing dolphins, so we installed guard rails to keep them from accidentally falling off the boat.

Educational Journey

What better way to familiarize yourself with Treasure Island’s waters than touring around with our trained and experienced crew? During your shark boat tour Treasure Island, with Sunshine Scenic Tours, you’ll be assisted by our certified boat captains who are ready to fill your trip with exciting stories, fun facts, and rich local customs of Florida’s coastal stretch.

Before your tour, you’ll be briefed by our friendly team about the best practices when dolphin watching and what to expect. Our crew is also trained in basic life support. Regardless, we’ll make sure you learn more about dolphins, their diverse environment, and how important it is to conserve them.

Our Shark Boat Tour on Treasure Island, FL

Join us on our boat tour on Treasure Island, and witness the dolphins rollover or leap from the Sunshine State’s beautiful blue waters.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to enjoy the sunny weather, try cruising the ocean with Sunshine Scenic Tours. We offer various boat tour services you can choose from. Call us today for more details about our packages!

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