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SST Fun Ideas for a Pirate-Themed Family Reunion

Fun Ideas for a Pirate-Themed Family Reunion

Ahoy, matey! Are you planning to have a family reunion full of treasures and pirates? If you answered yes, Sunshine Scenic Tours has a great offer for you. Our two-level, 46-foot Royal Conquest Pirate Ship is available for rent. Regardless of the activities that you are planning to do, come aboard our spacious pirate ship for a swashbuckling and thrilling family reunion.

Throwing a pirate-themed party is ripe with excitement and fun. If you are in need of some cool family reunion ideas, we have you covered! Here are some of the things you can do to guarantee an unforgettable reunion:

1. Write Invitation Letters

To ensure that the crew is complete on your pirate-themed family reunion, write and send out invitation letters. When preparing invitation letters, you might not be able to find a ready-made card or letter in bookstores and malls. This is more of a DIY idea, which makes the experience more fun and exciting. Here are some of the ideas to consider looking up:

  • Parchment Invitation – You can simply print your invitation letters on parchment paper. After printing, crumple the parchment paper and burn the edges to add a more realistic feel to your pirate party.
  • Stained Invitation – If you cannot find parchment paper, do not worry. There are other alternatives you can use. You can print your invitation letters on white paper. The trick to making them look like a letter from the “Golden Age” of piracy is to damp them with used tea bags for stained design. You can also crumple them to add more style.
  • Invitation in a Bottle – For a more creative idea, you can also send out invitations in a bottle. For sure, you have already heard stories about letters in corked bottles floating on the seas. Preparing invitations in corked bottles is easy. You just simply roll the papers up and put them inside the bottles.

2. Prepare Decorations

When it comes to decorations, there are many cool ideas you can look up to capture that pirate-chic ambiance for your reunion. Here are some of the staple decorations that every pirate party should have:

  • Crates and Barrels – Back then, pirates used crates to store a wide variety of goods that they stole. Their barrels, on the other hand, were used for storing rum and other beverages. These two wooden storage are perfect decorations for pirate-themed reunions.
  • Fishing Nets – Another must-have decoration for your pirate family reunion is fishing nets. As you know, pirates roam the seas and oceans. Besides using nets to catch fish to eat, they also used nets to make boat traps to protect their ship from other pirate boats.
  • Treasure Chests – Since pirates roamed the seas to collect loot, using treasure chests as decoration is sure to make your reunion as realistic as it can be. You can also add gold pieces of jewelry to make the treasure chests more aesthetically appealing.
  • Palm Trees – Palm trees can also be used as decoration. Pirates are often associated with palm trees, as they spend their time on uncharted islands with such trees.

3. Wear Pirate Costumes

What is a pirate family reunion without pirates? To level up the ambiance, wearing pirate costumes is highly recommended. There are many DIY ideas available out there. You can make your own pirate hat, eye patch, bandana, skirt, shirt, and hook. If you want a more convenient option, there is a wide selection of cool pirate costumes for sale online and in stores.

4. Prepare Pirate Food

For the food, you can prepare anything you want. Just make sure that you don’t forget rum for the adults and juice for the kids. You can also prepare seafood dishes since pirates spend most of their time roaming the seas. To make the reunion more kid-friendly, you can bake sand dollar cookies. Here are some of the other foods that pirates ate:

  • Pickled vegetables and fruits
  • Sea biscuits
  • Smoked meat

5. Throw Pirate-Themed Games

To make your reunion more enjoyable, prepare pirate activities for both adults and kids. You can make your own games, but here are some pirate-themed family reunion activities for you to look up:

  • DIY Craft Contest – This is a game for kids and teens. Prepare the needed materials, and ask them to make their own pirate hats, swords, eye patches, and more. Whoever has the most beautiful craft wins.
  • Treasure Hunt – Treasure hunt is for both adults and kids. Prepare a map and a set of clues for the participants to use when looking for the “ultimate treasure” that you hid. Whoever finds the treasure first wins. You can also hide small treasures as a consolation prize for those who lost.
  • Costume Competition – Should you decide to wear pirate costumes, it would be fun to reward your most prepared family members. For the participants to have more chances of winning, you can divide them into three groups: kids, teens, and adults.

Hop Aboard a Real Pirate Ship

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, you will experience what it is like to ride a real pirate ship. Besides family reunions, you can also throw different celebrations and events aboard our ship.

If you are looking for more adventures, our pirate ship cruise in St. Pete Beach, FL, is a must-try. Live and roam the seas like a pirate aboard our Royal Conquest Pirate Ship. For any inquiries or questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Call us today!

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