SST 6 Team Building Activities You Can Do on a Pirate Ship Cruise

6 Team Building Activities You Can Do on a Pirate Ship Cruise

Team building activities help motivate people to work together. An effective team building activity will work on people’s weaknesses while improving their strengths. This is not a competition among peers, but it should inspire them to communicate and collaborate with each other.

Conducting your team building on a pirate ship boat might seem odd, but you can be certain that everyone will have tons of fun. If you want to improve engagement and teamwork between every member of your team, you can never go wrong with investing in a pirate ship cruise for your team building activities. Here are some basics to get you started!

1. Build a Pirate Ship

You can kick start your team building with this pirate ship activity. You just need to prepare a few materials for this one including the following: fabric paint, a large box, scissors, and other arts and crafts. Have them design the box to look like a pirate ship. You can also have them design the flag that will represent their team. After that, the leader of each team can come in front of everyone and explain why they designed the ship and flag that way.

2. Find the Buried Treasure

For this pirate activity, you will need two large sandboxes, you will then bury jewels, gold coins, and other valuables that pirates collect. Instruct them to dig for the buried treasure and put their loot in a bucket. You can set the timer for two or three minutes. Whoever has the most loot will win the game.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Another pirate ship activity that can really have every member of each team excited is the scavenger hunt. With this, you will have to prepare a list of items. It can be anything that you can think of. You can be specific with the item or you can just put descriptions. Set the timer and have them look for the items. The team that gathers the most items will win the game. You can be sure that everyone will join the hunt!

4. Peg-Legged Treasure Chest Relay

This is another team building activity that everyone will enjoy. You should prepare pirate costumes such as a pirate hat, bandana, eyepatch, and vest. Another prop is a treasure chest filled with treasures. To start this game, have one member of each team wear the costume. Each person’s legs should be tied together, and then they have to race to the treasure chest. Once they reach the treasure chest, they should fill their hats with whatever they can fit. The goal here is to beat the other team from reaching the next person in line. The next player should also wear the costume and do the same. The first team to finish the relay wins the game.

5. What Makes You Tick?

For this interesting team building activity, you will have to instruct each participant to answer a personality test. It can be anything such as Myers-Briggs or DISC. You can invite a professional who will then explain the test thoroughly. The proctor can also conduct activities to explain the assessment results further. From there, they will find out what makes them motivated and more. Each member of the team can also share their results. Knowing the personality type of each team member can lead to better relationships in the workplace.

6. Cannonball Volley

One of the pirate activities that you can do in a pirate ship boat is the cannonball volley. You can prepare a volleyball net. If this isn’t doable, you can also opt to draw a line between the two teams. After that, you should give each team a bucket of balloons filled with water. If they designed a pirate flag before the commencement of the team building activities, they can use that to catch the balloons. Make sure that the fabric is big enough for everyone. When the opposing team launches a balloon, the receiving team should be able to receive and volley it back. Each team should alternate in serving the balloons. Continue the game until all the balloons are popped and everyone is wet.

Don’t hesitate to try new things, especially in team building activities. If you think it’s impossible to have your next corporate team building event on a pirate ship cruise, think again! We dare you to level it up next time, and don’t forget to include pirate activities to maximize the fun.

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