SST 5 Tips to Throwing the Best Kid’s Pirate Birthday Party

5 Tips to Throwing the Best Kid’s Pirate Birthday Party

Are you tired of those same old boring kid’s parties and want something different for your child to enjoy? Then, a pirate birthday party might just be the right idea for you. It’s time to call in all ye’ child’s mateys and wander off in the high seas in search of hidden treasures.

But before that, you have to get your ship ready for sailing! To help you, our esteemed captain recommends 5 helpful tips to make your kid’s pirate party an unforgettable journey.

Pirate Birthday Party: What To Do on Board Ye’ Boat

1. Kids pirate party invitations

Well, first things first, you have to get the word out that the pirate ship is about to sail and get all mates on board. There is no better way to do this than with pirate-themed invitations. These are often available at party supply stores where you can make requests as to the design or you can make them yourselves using easily sourced materials and crafts. Some of the most common pirate-themed invitations are treasure maps showing a sketch of the location with an X marking the exact address where the party is to be held. Other ideas you could use would be having a message inside a bottle or an invitation with your child’s photo in a pirate costume.

2. Ask everyone to dress up and have pirate names

Of course, every person who attends a pirate party must dress up as a pirate and have a pirate name. Bandanas, eye patches, and pirate hooks are some of the most common accessories available as part of pirate costumes. Further, there are also different designs of pirate hats for a kid’s party. There’s no need to spend much when you can always do some DIY costumes from simple crafts available in stores. The next thing you know, your child already looks like Captain Jack Sparrow.

As for the pirate names, you can ask parents to pick pirate names for their kids or you can assign the kids with pirate names. For this, you can also opt to use online pirate name generators but be sure to screen out results that may not be kid-friendly. Don’t forget to make pirate name tags for everyone as well. This is so that everyone can address one another with their pirate names throughout the party.

3. Come up with fun pirate party games

What good is a birthday party without games? But this time, the games should be in a pirate style. One of the best pirate party games for children is the Hidden Treasure Hunt. You can divide the kids into pirate ship crews, with one team as one crew with their own captain, and give them a simple map with clues to a hidden prize which could be candies, chocolates, temporary tattoos, or stickers. Other pirate party games include Walking the Plank, pirate coloring activities, and kids’ sword fights.

4. Bake a pirate cake

A birthday party would never be complete without a birthday cake. You can decorate your birthday cake with pirate-themed items such as pirate ships, eye patches, pirate hooks, skulls and bones, bandanas, and many other designs. Additionally, you can have the cake flavored to what tastes best for your child.

5. Rent your own pirate ship

Lastly, it ain’t a pirate party without a pirate ship since no pirate would ever dream of venturing out into the high seas without his ship. If you are wondering where you are going to get a pirate ship for your child’s pirate birthday party, well you’re in luck mate, Sunshine Scenic Tours offers pirate cruises in St. Pete Beach, FL. Our pirate captain and crew are ready to assist and guide you and the kids. You are sure to have a jam-packed and fun-filled pirate experience that you will never forget. Get in touch with us now for possible pirate birthday party arrangements!

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