SST 8 Facts You Should Know Before Your Next Dolphin Watching Tour

8 Facts You Should Know Before Your Next Dolphin Watching Tour

1. The whole dolphin watching tour lasts for 90 minutes, so if you have children with you, make sure that they are well-rested before the trip to enjoy it more.

If you are planning your next family outing or a fun adventure with friends, then our dolphin watching tour can be a fantastic option for you.

Our crews are knowledgeable about dolphins, ensuring that everyone, especially the youngsters, will learn a lot about them throughout the dolphin boat ride. We guarantee that all tourists will have tons of fun watching the dolphins frolicking in the ocean. We also make sure that our captains are the best sailors to ensure your safety on board.

2. We have three time slots for our dolphin watching tours: 12 noon, 2 PM, and 4 PM. You can choose which times best fit your needs.

Here are our rates for our 90-minute tours:

  • Adults (21-64 years old) – $24.50
  • Seniors (65 years old and above) – $22.50
  • Kids (3-20 years old) – $19.50
  • Babies (2 years old or younger) – FREE


If you want some privacy during the trip, we also offer private dolphin cruise tours for you and your family or friends. We can even do different types of events like birthdays for all ages, reunions, wedding weekends, and many more — just do not forget to inform us beforehand about your plans to reserve your next escapade.

3. Do not forget to wear comfortable clothes during the dolphin boat ride.

Since the seas in Florida are usually warm to hot, it is best to wear comfortable and humidity-friendly clothes during your dolphin watching tour. This will help you stay cozy while on the boat ride to see dolphins.

4. When on a dolphin cruise boat, make sure that your underage children always wear their life vests.

Life vests are a must for your underage kids during the whole cruise This policy is to ensure that kids are safe and secured while on the trip. Also, prevent them from running around or standing near the edges of the boat to avoid unwanted falls.

Note: Since your safety is our top-most priority, we have prepped life jackets and lifebuoys to ensure your security while on board.

5. Do not forget to capture your memories while on your dolphin watching tour.

Besides remembering the experience that comes with our dolphin watching tour, we also want you to keep a memento to cherish forever. That’s why we highly encourage you to take pictures during our 90-minute boat ride.

If you want to take group photos or family pics, you can feel free to ask our crew to capture the photograph for you.

6. Remember that dolphins are social creatures, so do not be afraid when they come near you.

Dolphins are one of the friendliest creatures in the world. That’s why it is inevitable for them to befriend you. You can expect them to put on a show by breaching the water and showing off their acrobatic moves. Dolphins love to play, hunt, and raise their calves together as a family.

Fun fact: Dolphins love to travel with their ‘friends’ and ‘family’, too! They usually travel in groups of 10 to 15 dolphins called ‘pods.’

7. We highly encourage you not to swim with them while on your dolphin boat ride; instead, just enjoy watching them in their natural habitat.

Even if these dolphins are extremely friendly, we still highly encourage you just to watch them do their thing and not to swim with them. This policy is for your safety and the dolphins’. Federal law states it is illegal to ‘swim with dolphins’ as it stresses them when humans swim with them, leading to agitation and aggressiveness from the marine mammals.

8. Take note that you should avoid bringing any sonar devices while on the dolphin watching tour.

Yes, all sonar devices, including depth sounders, fish finders, and other devices that emit sound waves, should be turned off throughout the dolphin boat ride. Make sure to put your phones on silent with the vibration option off to prevent all the marine mammals from experiencing stress during the tours.

Note: All photos of the dolphins and other sea creatures must be taken without the flash since it can also cause anxiety for the animals.

In the end, we guarantee you that our dolphin watching tours are worth your every buck. So, if you want to book your first boat ride to see the dolphins, then Sunshine Scenic Tours is the best choice for you.

We offer the most affordable rates without compromising the quality of your trip. And if you are looking for a private tour, we can do that, too! Just contact us ahead of time to prep your next dolphin cruise in St Pete Beach!

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