Pirate Myth or Fact

pirate myth or fact jack pirate conquest

We all know the tales about pirates from the movies. They made their captives walk the plank, they had a parrot on their shoulder, they all looked like Jack Sparrow […]

The Top Things Pirates Actually did for Fun


While our pirate excursions are packed with fun for the whole family, the fun selection of activities raises an important question: What did pirates actually do for entertainment aboard their […]

5 Fierce Female Pirates

CHING SHIH Female Pirate

When you think of a pirate, what’s the first thing that comes into mind? An angry bearded man with a hook for a hand, right? Ha! Well, you should know […]

8 Pirate Themed Cocktails

Pirate Themed Cocktails Pirate Royal Conquest

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time to cool off with a pirate-inspired cocktail that’ll make you go “argh”! Although we only offer beer and wine onboard the […]