Why Dolphins Jump

There are few things more exciting than seeing a dolphin burst out of the water, especially while on our famous sight-seeing dolphin cruise that goes through Boca Ciega Bay! Dolphins are extremely acrobatic and are known for their impressive performances both in their natural habitat and at aquatic shows. Dolphins can leap over 25 feet in the air, and perform tricks such as jumping through hoops, flipping through the air, and balancing on their tails above the water. But did you know there are many scientific theories as to why these awesome sea creatures love to catch a glimpse of the world above the water? Check it out…

It’s no secret that dolphins love to play, so sometimes when they jump, it’s just to have fun! For dolphins, playing also keeps their keen senses sharp and at their best.

Dolphins communicate through sounds and movement, so they will use jumping to communicate with a mate or with another pod as they can hear and interpret the splashes.

Funny enough but there’s competition amongst dolphins in the deep blue sea. Apparently one of the reasons they jump is to show other dolphins their own agility and strength.

Dolphins jump so they get a “bird’s eye” view of the water and to see what is going on above sea level. This is for many reasons – to check out the weather, identify potential threats, or to locate prey.

Some scientists believe that dolphins jump while traveling to save energy since going through the air consumes less energy than going through the water.

It’s how they take a bath! Jumping is a way for dolphins to keep clean and get rid of nasty parasites.

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