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What Sets Us Apart From Other Cruise Tour Companies in the Area

Sunshine Scenic Tours is the go-to provider of the most exciting and relaxing cruise tours in John’s Pass.

If you are going on vacation to the Sunshine State, one of the things you should not miss is exploring its crystal-clear waters. With so many great beaches to visit, you will never run out of aquatic activities in which to indulge.

When visiting John’s Pass, one of the most enjoyable activities you can engage in is going on a cruise. Several different cruises, including dolphin cruises, pirate cruises, and sunset cruises, are available for you to enjoy. These activities are sure to be the highlight of your trip to Florida.

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, we provide exhilarating, family-friendly cruises and tours in John’s Pass. We give tourists and locals alike the opportunity to witness and discover the Sunshine State’s natural wonder, diverse wildlife, and rich history.

With the many cruise tour companies in John’s Pass, you might be wondering why Sunshine Scenic Tours is your best option. We have listed some things that set us apart from other boat tour agencies in the area.

What Sets Sunshine Scenic Tours Apart

Here are some reasons why Sunshine Scenic Tours stands out as your best option among all the other cruise tour companies in John’s Pass:

1. We value our passengers’ convenience.

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, we want our passengers to experience convenience during our cruises and tours. As one of the most trusted cruise tour companies in John’s Pass, we ensure that our boats are fitted-out with great features and amenities.

Our Shark Boat and Dolphin Quest have cushioned benches, so you can comfortably sit for the entire duration of our cruises and tours. We also make sure that there is enough shade for everyone if unexpected weather conditions, such as extreme heat or drizzles, occur.

We understand that sometimes nature calls, so to ensure your maximum convenience, we have installed fully functional modern restrooms on all our boats.

2. We provide fun experiences for all ages.

We welcome everyone, regardless of age. There are no age limitations on our cruises and tours. Additionally, our team provides family-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy.

As one of the most trusted cruise tour companies, we go out of our way to provide you with an organized and enjoyable experience. If you have a baby and require unique accommodation, please inform the captain before the scheduled departure date.

3. We prioritize safety.

Being among the most reliable boat tour agencies in John’s Pass, we prioritize your safety. We have our boats undergo regular inspections from the U.S. Coast Guard, so you can rest assured that they are in perfect condition for cruising the waters of Florida.

In addition, all our captains carry professional licenses that denote their superior knowledge and experience. All our crew members are trained in first aid if an accident happens.

Our boats are regularly maintained and equipped with safety gear and features. For this reason, we assure you that we don’t encounter any problems, such as mechanical breakdowns, during our cruises and tours.

4. We promote environmental and wildlife conservation.

Our cruises and tours take place in some protected areas in Florida, such as Boca Ciega Bay. As one of the most trusted cruise tour companies, we promote environmental and wildlife conservation.

We strictly follow local laws and regulations. During our cruises and tours, passengers are encouraged to respect the environment and not feed the marine animals. This way, we ensure we don’t interfere with their diet and disrupt the food chain.

Our captains and crew members also observe proper waste disposal. We understand the huge impact of throwing garbage in the water, so we discourage our passengers from throwing waste in the water even after our cruises and tours.

5. We offer reasonable pricing.

As one of the go-to cruise tour companies, we offer our cruises and tours at reasonable pricing. We understand that having a vacation in Florida is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we don’t want to spoil all the fun by charging exorbitant fees.

Our cruises and tours are worth every penny. We ensure that we always provide our passengers with the best experience in the Sunshine State. You can never go wrong with choosing us.

What We Offer

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, here are some of the cruises and tours we offer:

  • Dolphin Cruise – Our 90-minute dolphin cruise involves watching dolphins and other sea creatures in their natural habitat. It’s a perfect and relaxing bonding experience for families. We also give passengers essential and interesting information about the area while enjoying the dolphin cruise.
  • Pirate Cruise – If you are up for a more adventurous cruise, our 90-minute pirate cruise is among your best options. It includes many activities, such as water gun battles and treasure hunts. We give children cool pirate hats and pirate certificates to make the experience as realistic as possible.
  • Shark Boat Tour – Another option you have is our shark boat tour. It involves a 60-minute narrated eco-tour and dolphin and wildlife viewing in Boca Ciega Bay. Our shark boat is a vessel that looks like a shark, hence the name, and it’s perfect for children and the young at heart.

Go On a Cruise with Sunshine Scenic Tours

Among the many cruise tour companies in John’s Pass, Sunshine Scenic Tours remains your best option. Aside from providing exciting activities at reasonable prices, we prioritize our passengers’ safety and convenience.

So, if you are planning to go to Florida, don’t miss out on the fun. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for bookings or reservations. We guarantee you that our cruises and tours will be the highlight of your trip.

If you have inquiries regarding our shark boat tour, pirate tour, or dolphin cruise in John’s Pass, please call us. Our friendly team will get back to you immediately.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing the smile on your face as you sit back and enjoy a relaxing Sunshine Scenic Tour!

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