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Things to Know for a Successful Dolphin Spotting

Thinking of a fun family activity for the summer? Why not try dolphin spotting? You can witness the joy and playfulness dolphins exhibit in their daily lives by going to their environment.
They will bring a smile to your face and make your trip more enjoyable. Dolphin watching will also allow you to see these intelligent animals glide gracefully beneath the ocean’s waters.

Here are some things you should know to help make sure you see dolphins on your next summer getaway.

Dolphin Habitat

Searching for dolphins is an exciting activity. To ensure your success, look for them in their habitats. Dolphins are found in all oceans, most seas, and some rivers. While most species live in tropical and temperate areas, some are found in the equator and subpolar regions.

Although each species has a different distribution and habitat, most dolphin species are found in salty, tropical waters, like the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Some species also thrive in bodies of fresh water.

Dolphin Behavior

Knowing and understanding a dolphin’s habitat and behavior will give you an idea of where to find them and make dolphin spotting easier. It will also help you figure out how to find a good spot to watch them.

Dolphins are carnivorous mammals. Their strong teeth allow them to hold on to their prey, swallow it whole, or break it up into smaller pieces. They are very light-eaters; for instance, the bottlenose dolphin eats only 5% of its body weight daily.

When are dolphins most active? Many dolphin species migrate to hunt for food throughout the day, where they eat a variety of animals like fish, shrimp, crustaceans, and shrimp. Other species of dolphins can eat bigger fish and sea mammals. For instance, Orcas are large enough to eat seals and other marine mammals.

Bottlenose dolphins work as a group to herd coral fish or other marine life. They are also known to follow fishing vessels for the waste fishermen throw away. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit about dolphin behavior is that they are capable of using tools to aid in hunting.

Tips on Spotting Dolphins in the Ocean

Although dolphins are quite a curious and friendly species, some seasons will make it difficult to find them.

To ensure the success of your trip, here are some tips that may help you in looking for these intelligent creatures and find out when is the best time to see dolphins:

Choose Your Site Carefully

Knowing basic facts about dolphin habitats will significantly help you when you decide to do some dolphin spotting. For instance, knowing that dolphins prefer warmer waters will help you decide which beaches and season to visit them.

Meanwhile, some areas provide better views – sometimes, you need to hike hills to reach places like this. Choose your site carefully to ensure your trip is worth it.

Check the Weather

Like any outdoor activity, it is important to check the weather. Rainfall may prevent you from reaching good areas to spot the dolphins in the ocean and hinder your visibility. The best day to do some whale watching or dolphin watching is during a bright, cloudy day.

Invest a Day

One of the most important things that first-time watchers must know is that whales and dolphins do not stay in one area. To have a 100% success rate in seeing these playful cetaceans, you have to spend a day waiting for them to appear. To figure out when the best time to see dolphins is, make sure to dedicate a whole day because these cetaceans are active and on the move day and night.

Always Bring Binoculars

You can’t always expect you’ll see dolphins playing near the shore or jumping out of the water. Always have your binoculars ready. Binoculars allow you to see dolphins clearly, even from a distance. Different brands of binoculars for dolphin spotting are available on the market, with different scopes and magnifications to choose from.

Watch Out for Signs

Signs that indicate that whales or dolphins are present in an area include feeding birds circling above a spot, oily slicks or still waters (footprint), breaking wave crests, or waves moving in a ‘wrong’ direction, big splashes or bursts, or blow; anything that doesn’t seem right.

Look For Splashes

The first thing you should do when dolphin spotting is to scan the horizon for splashes. Keep your eyes open, scanning from left to right, then moving back to the right. Look for something new and check for any disturbances in the water.

Watch Your Boat’s Speed

Speed is the key to dolphin-watching while in a boat; you’ll pass them by if you go too fast, and they won’t stay if you stop. Make sure the boat is moving slowly. The dolphins may come closer and check the boat out. They might also chase your boat; another thing dolphins love to do is surf and jump in the wake of boats.

Things to Know When Going on a Dolphin Tour

Some companies focus on giving responsible whale and dolphin watching, and they are probably your best bet in successfully seeing dolphins. If you plan to book a session with these dolphin tours, here are some of the things you need to know:

Dolphin tours last more than an hour.

Dolphin-watching tour is an excellent activity for families looking to have a great time this summer.

The tour crews are familiar with dolphins and the surrounding ocean. They will ensure that everyone, particularly the children, learns a lot about them during the dolphin boat ride. Make sure your children are well-rested before going on a dolphin tour so they can enjoy the entire experience.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Wear comfortable clothing when you go on a dolphin-watching tour in Florida to prevent the humidity from getting to you. Comfortable clothing will also help keep you cool when the temperature rises, especially during lunchtime and early afternoon.

Go Dolphin Watching With Sunshine Scenic Tours

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