SST Swashbuckling Pirate Food Ideas for Your Next Party

Swashbuckling Pirate Food Ideas for Your Next Party

Food makes events extra special, and if you are planning a pirate-themed party, here are some of the top pirate food ideas for you to try.

Parties are the perfect excuse to indulge in mouthwatering pirate-themed delectable treats. With an endless list of scrumptious ideas out there, eating food like a pirate surely delights the senses. Plus, there are fabulous recipes for everyone on board.

You don’t have to be a professional baker or a fantastic cook to prepare these foods. Some of them are simple everyday snacks. All you need is a good eye for food and a fun name for each course. To help you decide on what to include in your kid-friendly menu, we narrowed down some of the best pirate food ideas for appetizers, healthy snacks, savory foods, beverages, and of course, desserts!

Get ready to conquer the seven seas and make your party a treasure-worthy one with these awesome pirate party foods for your little crew!


Golden Treasure

We’ll start our list of pirate food ideas with something that a golden sweet-toothed captain will definitely call treasure. With a bit of imagination, you can make a treasure chest full of treats – with gushers turned into mermaid baits and ordinary pretzel sticks into peg legs. You can add more to the mixture by taking gold chocolate coins, caramel corn, and cheddar fish crackers and place them alongside each other inside your “treasure chest” of pirate snacks.

Pirate Pinwheels

This pirate food idea is a crowd-favorite. Commonly known as fiesta roll-ups, pirate pinwheels make a great vegetarian option for a pirate snack. You can make this with tortillas, shredded cheese, Fiesta Ranch mix, and cream cheese. It’s a simple recipe that everyone will surely love.

Healthy Snacks

Pirate Bananas

This may be the simplest pirate party food on the table, but there’s no doubt about the outstanding nutritional value that it possesses. Wrap a table napkin around an unpeeled banana to make a pirate’s bandanna. Using chocolate paste, draw on a smiley face with an eye patch to resemble a pirate.

Pirate Treasure Salad

You can make this salad with any type of fruit. Some examples would be strawberries, canned fruit salad, melon balls, and canned mandarin oranges. To add a unique touch to this recipe, you can also include colorful marshmallows that will surely make your kids go “Wow!”

Watermelon Pirate Ship

Nothing says pirate-themed food better than an ordinary watermelon transformed into the famous Jolly Roger pirate ship. To make this, first cut the watermelon in half. Afterward, carefully carve the top side part of the watermelon to make it look like a pirate ship and add your own personal touches to the design. Add balls of honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, and blackberries. Finish it up with DIY paper sails made out of colored paper and toothpicks.

Savory Foods

Skull and Cross-bone Sandwiches

There are tons of pirate food ideas for sandwiches, and this is the most common design. Shaping sandwiches to look like skull and cross-bones makes a fun and creative pirate party food. Make your usual sandwich, then cut out a pirate skull shape using a pirate-themed cookie cutter. The more fun the shape is, the more the kids will love your sandwiches. To make things simple and easy to work with, we suggest simply using jam, cheese, and ham for the filling.

Pirate Ship Hotdogs

This is one of the quickest ways to serve delectable pirate-themed food. To make this, all you need are hot dog buns, hot dogs, and custom-made pirate ship flags. After cooking hotdogs and placing them on the buns, simply stick a pirate ship flag on top to complete the pirate ship look. Your modern pirate crew will surely love this.

Walk the Chicken Planks

Prepare different types of sauces (e.g., ranch dipping sauce, blue cheese dipping sauce, guacamole) to dip plain chicken strips in. This makes a savory pirate party food that will be a huge hit to young and old sailors alike.


Mermaid Deep Sea Punch

Like the pirates who are always in search of the mythical mermaids of the sea, your kids won’t get enough of this cold, sweet punch to refresh their day. You can make this beverage out of either natural or artificially sweetened, dark-colored fruit beverages like grapes- and blueberry-flavored powdered juice mixed with ice-cold water to create a deep-sea color vibe.

Jolly Roger Root Beer

This one is for the older pirates on board. Get creative with store-bought bottles of root beer by adding festive stickers on your cups and colorful straws to turn it into a pirate’s choice of drink.



Pirate Cannonballs, also known as chocolate cake balls or “Whoppers,” are chewy chocolate brownies that are shaped like balls and dipped in melted chocolate. Other varieties of this pirate dessert include mini donuts covered in sugar glaze.

Octopus Ocean

This one is a unique and aesthetic pirate dessert. Using blue Jell-O, Gummy Worms, Sour Octopus gummies, and Swedish Fish candy in a glass bowl, you can create an illusion of fish, octopuses, and worms “swimming” in the ocean.

Fill the bowl with blue Jell-O. Before it sets, arrange the sweets inside to make them look like sea creatures in the ocean.

Pirate Cake

Of course, we wouldn’t forget the best pirate dessert there is – the pirate cake! You can bake this cake with a good cake mix and ready-made frosting. Add some sweet toppings using nuts, lollipops, jelly beans, and syrups, to say the least. The flavor and template would depend on the occasion or your kid’s preferences.

Buckle up for Some More Pirate-Themed Fun

Give these easy at-home recipes a try for your next pirate party! Better yet, celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions with premium snacks and beverages aboard our exciting pirate ship cruise in St. Pete Beach, FL.

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