SST 5 Most Famous Pirate Ships in History

5 Most Famous Pirate Ships in History

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a pirate? Get ready to sail back to the “Golden Age” of piracy. We will take you out on a trip to the time when pirates ruled the world.

Back in the years 1700 to 1725, also known as the “Golden Age” of piracy, there were thousands of pirates roaming around the world, specifically in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. These pirates were riding so-called “pirate ships” to capture and plunder other ships.

What is a Pirate Ship?

Pirate ships, as the name implies, were the ships used by pirates to sail in the oceans. Back then, there were no shipyards dedicated to building pirate ships, which means that any vessel could be a pirate ship. Pirates roamed the seas using rafts, boats, or any other type of vessel they had until they captured a bigger and more seaworthy ship.

As opposed to what most people nowadays know, not all pirates roamed in big and scary ships. Some started with only small vessels, and some started with large merchant vessels, which were taken over through mutiny.

Most Famous Pirate Ships in History

1. Delivery

Delivery was formerly known as Gambia Castle. It was a medium-sized man-of-war ship that carried a garrison and was bound for Africa in 1721. When Gambia Castle arrived in Africa, the soldiers found out about the unacceptable provision and accommodation intended for them. George Lowther, the second mate of the captain of Gambia Castle, fell out of favor with the ship’s captain. He gathered and persuaded the disappointed soldiers to join his plans for mutiny.

They changed the name of Gambia Castle to Delivery and sailed to plunder other ships in the oceans. Delivery was later traded for another ship.

2. Queen Anne’s Revenge

Queen Anne’s Revenge was not only among the most famous ships in history, but it was also one of the most feared. It was formerly known as La Concorde — a huge French ship that carried and transported slaves — until it was captured and refitted by the famous Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard. He mounted 40 cannons on Queen Anne’s Revenge, which was among the reasons why it was one of the most feared pirate ships in history. Queen Anne’s Revenge, with Blackbeard as the captain, ruled the eastern coast of North America and the Caribbean.

In 1718, the ship was abandoned. Some searchers believed that the sunken ship they discovered in North Carolina in 1996 was the Queen’s Anne Revenge. The items they found, including an anchor and a bell, are now displayed in local museums.

3. Fancy

Fancy was originally an English ship known by the name Charles II. The people on board Charles II, led by one of the officers on board named Henry Avery, mutinied over months of poor treatment. They sailed, particularly to the Indian Oceans, and captured other ships. In the year 1695, they captured and plundered Ganj-i-Sawai — a treasure ship owned by the Great Moghul of India. It was recorded as one of the most historic breakthroughs in piracy.

They returned to the Caribbean, where they sold most of the treasures they plundered. Some of the crew members of the Fancy were arrested, while Avery escaped and died sometime between 1699 and 1714.

4. Royal Fortune

Bartholomew Roberts, also known by the name Black Bart, was considered to be one of the pirates with the greatest success. During his three years in piracy, he was able to capture and loot hundreds of other ships. He transferred from one flagship to another and named them all the Royal Fortune.

The last Royal Fortune was armed with 157 men and 40 cannons. This ship was also where Black Bart died. He was killed in a battle in 1722.

5. Adventure Galley

Adventure Galley was a 34-gun ship led by Captain William Kidd — a captain who started off as a privateer but was later on convinced by his crew to be a pirate. Adventure Galley was a huge French ship captured by Captain Kidd in the year 1689. After a few years, Captain Kidd persuaded his friends to finance an expedition with the goal of capturing French ships and pirates.

In hopes of clearing his name, Captain Kidd sailed back to New York to turn himself in. Despite that, he was still arrested and hanged.

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