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Private Cruises for Adult Groups

Taking the time to unwind from all your responsibilities is essential to increasing productivity, improving mental health, reevaluating goals, and helping the mind refocus. If you are exhausted from work or other activities, it’s time that you give your body and mind a break.

At Sunshine Scenic Tours, we provide adults-only cruises for people wanting to take a break and experience something different. We cruise the serene waters of Boca Ciega Bay which helps our passengers relax and lets their minds gently drift away into a more calm and soothing place. We also offer activities like dolphin watching, educational tours, and playing games.

Our adults-only cruises are also perfect for celebrations. Whether you want to commemorate the success of your business, club, or organization, we can make the event fun, memorable, and worth cherishing. Here are some events you can enjoy while on our boat.

Events You Can Enjoy On an Adults-Only Cruise

Here are some of the events you can partake in when on an adults-only cruise:

1. Parties

There are different adults-only parties that you can engage in while on a cruise. Some of them are birthdays, graduations, and weddings. If you’re a member of an organization or a club and have something to celebrate, an adults-only cruise is a great option.

Anything you want to celebrate is perfect for our adults-only cruise. We offer great drinks onboard, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Our cruises are also your best option for Halloween and Christmas parties. We can make your holidays with your colleagues or loved ones extra special.

2. Cosplay Events

An adults-only cruise is a perfect opportunity for costume parties and cosplay events. Our boats are spacious enough to accommodate a large group of people. You have plenty of room to conduct different activities, such as costume contests, photoshoots, and games.

During our pirate cruises, our captains and crew members dress up like real pirates. Our crew will make your experience more fun by preparing games and decorations. If you have any special requests during your adults-only cruise, please tell us, and we will try to accommodate you.

3. Reunions

Who says a fine-dining restaurant is the only place to celebrate a reunion with friends and relatives when the fact is, you can also conduct these events on an adults-only cruise. When you choose one of our boats as the venue for your reunion party, you can enjoy the cool sea breeze and crystal-clear waters.

An adults-only cruise is a perfect way to enjoy your time with colleagues and friends you haven’t seen for so long. Being on an adults-only cruise offers you maximum privacy, and you have the place all to yourselves, which allows you the freedom to do whatever you want.

4. Team Building

All companies should regularly engage in team-building activities to strengthen relationships between their club mates or team members. If you’re tired of the usual hiking or beach activities, we can offer you something unique as our boats are an excellent venue for team building.

During our adults-only cruises, you can engage in games and other activities which build and strengthen the bond within your team, organization, or club. You can tell us if you have any special requests and we will try to accommodate you.

Our Adults-Only Cruises

“Ahoy me hearties,” let’s hoist the Jolly Roger because it’s time to enjoy one of our adults-only cruises. Here at Sunshine Scenic Tours, we have a bi-level pirate ship that can accommodate 46 people and is perfect for pirate-themed cruises.

Our adults-only cruises include all your creature comforts. For example, our boats features restrooms. Our charted path includes cruising the calm waters of Boca Ciega Bay so that you can have fun and party and don’t have to worry about anyone getting seasick.

As a reliable provider of cruises for adults only, we prioritize our passengers’ safety. Our boats undergo regular inspections from the U.S. Coast Guard, and they receive proper maintenance from time to time.

Shiver me timbers, avast ye landlubbers. It’s time to hoist the Jolly Roger, sing a chantey, and enjoy a Sunshine Scenic Tours adults-only cruise.

Go On a Cruise With Sunshine Scenic Tours

Celebrate adults-only events at Sunshine Scenic Tours. We offer cruises for all types of celebrations, so feel free to contact us anytime. Our friendly staff will get back to you quickly.

Aside from adults-only cruises, we also offer dolphin and pirate cruises in John’s Pass. For inquiries or reservations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to making your celebrations unforgettable and an event you will cherish for many years into the future.

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