SST Pirate Life - Best and Worst Jobs on a Pirate Ship

Pirate Life: Best and Worst Jobs on a Pirate Ship

Ahoy, matey! Are you a pirate aficionado who wants to know more about what pirate life was like? Aside from treasure hunting and conquering the high seas, you probably would love to learn about the best and worst assignments you can get on the ship. Of course, it goes without saying that being a pirate captain is the best of all. However, apart from the captain itself, what are other jobs that others had? If you want to know more about it, continue reading!

What Are the Best Jobs on a Pirate Ship?


It is no secret that being a pirate captain has privileges that other sailors will not be able to experience. However, being a captain is a big responsibility, and not everyone is up for the challenge. Pirate captains who don’t have a satisfactory performance or are totally unsuccessful can either be marooned, mutinied, or demoted. The governance on the ship is democratic, and other crew members will have a say in the governance of their pirate captain.


The next best job on the ship belongs to the quartermasters. A quartermaster is the one responsible for imposing punishments and discipline on crew members who cross the line. The punishment is also applicable to the captain. He would also be the one to listen to the concerns of other pirate crew members and bring them to the attention of the captain. As second in line of authority, he will take control over the next ship that they will conquer.


Although a boatswain only falls third on the ranking of best jobs, this is one of the most important. They’re basically the ones in charge. One of their duties is to make sure that the supplies on the ship will last. With that, they are well-fed and respected by the other crew members.

Sailing Master

This being one of the best jobs on the pirate ship is questionable. More often than not, sailing masters are kidnapped from merchant or naval ships. There were very few pirates who knew how or were skilled enough to read maps or chart their course. So this position is often forced upon hostages.

What Are the Worst Jobs on a Pirate Ship?


You’re probably wondering why this is considered one of the worst pirate ship activities. Being a carpenter doesn’t always mean that your creative hands will be used to fix parts of the ship. Sometimes you would be forced to use your handiness in amputating the legs or arms of other pirate crews who were injured in battle.

Cabin Boy

Cabin boys are the ones who attend to the needs of all the pirates on the ship. It’s a job that would require them to be active almost 24/7. Cabin boys were usually hostages, while others were stowaways or were only looking for adventure. This is undeniably one of the worst jobs on the ship.

Powder Monkey

From the word powder lies the responsibility of a powder monkey. They’re the ones who run from below the deck to bring the gunpowder to the crew in charge of firing the cannons. Aside from the fact that it’s a big responsibility, it is also exhausting to run back and forth to get the gunpowder.


Swabbies are the ones in charge of mopping the decks every single day. Ships are big, and mopping them can drain the life out of you. This is also a risky job, especially when the waves are big and the weather is harsh. They can either fall or be thrown overboard. This is the job that most sailors don’t want to get assigned to.

If you were a pirate, which job would you have wanted to get?

Pirate life can sometimes be dull, sailing for days, seeing nothing but endless stretches of the sea. However, it doesn’t beat the fact that being a pirate can be exciting–finding treasure, seeing new lands, sailing with friends, and going on an adventure!

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