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SST Best Things to Do on Treasure Island, FL

Best Things to Do on Treasure Island, FL

Are you planning to go on a vacation to Florida? If you are, there are many great beaches and attractions to visit in this so-called paradise. One of the most loved and visited by tourists is Treasure Island. Just the name of the place itself already implies that it is a treasure for people to discover.

Treasure Island is known for its pristine, white sand and inviting waters in different shades of blue. Besides being a perfect place for beach lovers, it is also known for being a family-friendly spot. Regardless if you are traveling alone or with kids, this place is for people of all ages. With many fun activities to try, immaculate spots to visit, and breathtaking views to witness, you will never run out of things to do on Treasure Island.

What to Do on Treasure Island, FL

1. Go On a Dolphin Tour

One of the Treasure Island, Florida, activities you should try is going on a dolphin tour. We at Sunshine Scenic Tours offer the best dolphin cruises in the area. Our staff knows the best spots to view dolphins and rich marine biodiversity.

Since Treasure Island is situated on the Gulf of Mexico, witnessing majestic dolphins and other wildlife is not a rare occurrence. Dolphins are among the cutest and most majestic creatures on Earth, so don’t miss the chance of seeing them when you are in Florida. Additionally, you’ll also see unique fish swimming around the crystal-clear waters.

Being the go-to source of the best Florida dolphin tours, we at Sunshine Scenic Tours guarantee that you are going to have the highlight of your Treasure Island vacation with us.

2. Savor the Best-Tasting Meals at Restaurants and Pubs

Among the fun things to do when at Treasure Island, FL, is to eat at different restaurants, cafes, and pubs nearby. Since there are many Treasure Island, Florida, activities available around, you are going to need great-tasting food and drinks to energize you throughout your vacation. If you are looking for different cuisines, dishes, and beverages, you are sure to find food that will satisfy every appetite. Some of the tourist favorites restaurants, cafes, and pubs are the following:

  • Pirates Pub N Grub – They serve a wide selection of food on their menu. Vegetable wraps, fresh scallops, crab cakes, groupers, fish & chips, fish tacos, and more. You can check out their Facebook page to learn more about their menu.
  • Cuban Paradise Cigar & Café – For the best-tasting espresso in the area, Cuban Paradise Cigar & Café is the place to visit. They use high-quality, selected beans to make their espresso.
  • Yogurt City – To beat the heat, try Yogurt City‘s refreshing smoothies, yogurts, bubble teas, slushies, acai bowls, protein bowls, and salads. They have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.
  • John’s Pass Grille – From chicken wings to oysters to shrimps and more, John’s Pass Grille has it all. They offer both indoor and al fresco dining. Plus, they also have live entertainment in the evenings from Thursdays to Sundays.

3. Experience the Thrill of Gliding Through the Sky

If you are into thrilling water adventures, one of the Treasure Island, Florida, activities to try is parasailing. This is for those who crave the thrill of being hoisted up in the sky, hundreds of feet above the water level and gliding with different bird species. Our partner, Eagle Parasail, is the go-to provider of exhilarating parasailing activities. Be sure to try them out as well to make the most out of your vacation in Florida.

4. Laze on the Soft White Sand and Watch the Stunning Sunset

For those looking for pure relaxation after going on a Florida dolphin tour with us, you can laze on the pristine, white stretches of sand along the Gulf of Mexico. Regardless if you are alone, with friends, or with family, witnessing the natural beauty of Treasure Island is a great way to escape from the everyday hustle.

Climb Aboard Our Boat

There are indeed many fun things to do on Treasure Island, but our Florida dolphin tour is one of the most loved by tourists. Year after year, our clients come back to experience a relaxing yet exciting tour on the gulf waters. We at Sunshine Scenic Tours also offer our dolphin cruises in St. Pete Beach, FL, and other nearby areas.

For any inquiries about our tours, feel free to contact us. Call us today so we can schedule your dolphin tour!

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