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10 Must-Do Treasure Island, Florida Activities

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When it comes to quintessential Florida beach destinations, Treasure Island stands as a hidden gem along the Gulf Coast. Nestled between the bustling St. Petersburg and the serene St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Florida activities offer a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Let’s uncover the must-do Treasure Island, Florida activities.

Is Treasure Island, Florida worth visiting?

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One of Treasure Island, Florida’s most apparent but unmissable activities is relaxing on its pristine beaches. With miles of powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters, these beaches offer a perfect spot to soak up the Florida sun. Whether you’re building sandcastles with the family, strolling hand-in-hand with a loved one, or simply basking in the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches of Treasure Island will leave you in awe.

How do you get around Treasure Island?

Getting around Treasure Island, Florida is relatively easy and convenient thanks to various transportation options. First and foremost, walking is a breeze–whether it be on the sand or the boardwalk. Biking is an easy and healthy way to get from point A to point B if you’re going a little further.

The Suncoast Beach Trolley and the Central Avenue Trolley are convenient options for getting around Treasure Island and the surrounding areas. These trolleys run along the Gulf Boulevard, stopping at popular destinations, including St. Pete Beach, John’s Pass Village, and downtown St. Petersburg. The affordable trolley system provides a scenic way to explore the region.

Is the water clear in Treasure Island, Florida?

Wondering about the water quality in Treasure Island, Florida? You’ll be pleased to know the water is often quite clear. You can expect varying shades of blue and green depending on the weather. The clarity is generally good, making it a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling. However, the water can get a bit murky after storms due to stirred-up sand. But most days, you’ll find the water inviting and pleasant for various activities.

What To Do in Treasure Island, Florida

Looking to make the most of your time in the Sunshine State? You won’t want to miss the array of activities in Treasure Island, Florida. From serene beaches to exciting water sports, there’s no shortage of Treasure Island, Florida activities to keep you entertained. Whether a nature lover or an adventure seeker, this coastal gem has something for everyone.

1. Relax on the pristine beaches.

The most obvious but unmissable family activities in Treasure Island, Florida are relaxing on its pristine beaches and basking in their natural beauty. With miles of powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters, these beaches offer a perfect spot to soak up the Florida sun.

Whether you’re building sandcastles with the family, strolling hand-in-hand with a loved one, or simply basking in the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches of Treasure Island will leave you in awe.

2. Go sunset-watching.

SST - Sunset at Treasure Island

Sunsets in Treasure Island are nothing short of magical. When thinking of what to do in Treasure Island, Florida first think about where you’ll spend the evening. The horizon becomes a captivating canvas of experiences as you head to Sunset Beach, renowned for its stunning sunset vistas. Remember to bring your camera to capture this natural spectacle.

3. Dine at beachfront restaurants.

One of the highlights of Treasure Island is its vibrant culinary scene, particularly its waterfront dining options. Enjoy fresh seafood with your toes in the sand at beachfront restaurants like Caddy’s on the Beach or Sloppy Joe’s on the Boardwalk.

These establishments offer delectable cuisine paired with stunning views of the Gulf, creating the perfect dining experience. Eating fresh and delightful meals is a top Treasure Island, Florida activity for visitors.

4. Try various water sports.

Relaxation is just one aspect of Treasure Island, Florida activities. Treasure Island also offers a wide range of water sports and activities for thrill-seekers. You can try jet-skiing, paddleboarding, parasailing, or even take a guided dolphin-watching tour aboard the Dolphin Quest at John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk.

For those looking for a more relaxed experience, consider renting a kayak or paddleboard to explore the calm waters and scenic mangroves of Boca Ciega Bay. Family activities in Treasure Island, Florida often start on the water!

5. Go on a fishing adventure.

For anglers, Treasure Island is a paradise. The water teem with various species, making it an excellent spot for fishing. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, you can book a fishing charter or cast a line from one of the many fishing piers on the island. Common catches include snook, redfish, tarpon, and even shark. Treasure Island, Florida activities aren’t limited to land.

6. Walk along the Treasure Island Beach Trail.

Explore the island’s natural beauty on foot or by bike along the Treasure Island Beach Trail. This 3-mile trail runs parallel to the beach, offering scenic views of the Gulf and the lush coastal vegetation. It’s an excellent way to exercise while enjoying the island’s beauty.

7. Stroll John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk.

You’ll find the charming John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk a short drive from Treasure Island. This historic fishing village has transformed into a shopping, dining, and entertainment hub. Stroll along the boardwalk, browse the unique shops, savor fresh seafood, and embark on a deep-sea fishing excursion from the marina.

Hop aboard the real pirate ship, Royal Conquest, for an exciting adventure in Boca Ciega Bay, or get to know the resident dolphins of John’s Pass aboard the Shark Boat or Dolphin Quest. Party the night away on Final Friday or come by for a meal–Treasure Island, Florida activities know no borders!

8. Golf in paradise.

Golf enthusiasts will find their haven on Treasure Island. The island boasts several golf courses, including the Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis facility, which offers stunning views of Boca Ciega Bay. Whether a beginner or a seasoned golfer, you can tee off amid the lush, tropical surroundings.

9. Experience eco-tours and wildlife encounters.

Nature lovers will be delighted by the eco-tours and wildlife encounters available on and around Treasure Island. Join guided eco-tours to explore the mangrove estuaries, observe birdlife, and, if lucky, catch glimpses of dolphins and manatees in their natural habitat. A marine specialist rides aboard the Dolphin Quest on every excursion.

10. Soak in the local art and culture.

For a touch of art and culture, visit the Treasure Island Art Guild or catch a live performance at the Treasure Island Community Center. The island’s commitment to fostering local talent and creativity adds depth to its cultural offerings.

While Treasure Island activities are abundant, it’s also conveniently located for day trips to nearby attractions. Explore the renowned Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, visit the serene Fort De Soto Park, or take a boat trip to the Shell Key Preserve.

Key Takeaway

Treasure Island, Florida activities beckon travelers with its pristine beaches, vibrant culinary scene, and many water and outdoor activities. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, a thrilling adventure, or both, Treasure Island has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, put on your flip-flops, and get ready to uncover the hidden treasures of this enchanting Gulf Coast destination.

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