SST 8 Tips to Choosing the Best Dolphin Cruise That is Right For You

8 Tips to Choosing the Best Dolphin Cruise That is Right For You

Are you considering going on a dolphin cruise? It’s of paramount importance to consider different factors in choosing the best dolphin cruise for you. Whether watching or swimming with the dolphins, choose the right dolphin watching tour so you can have the best experience. Whenever you travel, safety is the most crucial thing to consider. Before enjoying a dolphin cruise, here are some essential factors to keep in mind.

The Boat

The first thing you need to consider on your cruise is if your ride will be a dolphin cruise boat or just an inflatable one. This will allow you to know how big the ride is, its main components, and most importantly, the engine or motor that it has. All of these affect your overall safety. You need to know if the boat includes safety equipment such as life jackets and emergency radios.

If your ride does not fit with the research you’ve done, reconsider. If the boat that arrives at your cruise gives you a feeling of uneasiness and worry, then it’s better not to board it at all. A dolphin cruise boat doesn’t have to be as big as a yacht, but it should always be to your standards of safety. Being informed ahead of time about what you will board and the time of boarding is a crucial thing to consider.

The Number of People

Knowing the boat’s size tells you how many people you should expect to be with you on the cruise. There are many tours where you will share the boat with others. Make sure that your ride isn’t overcrowded. If the boat is inflatable, consider the number of people on board with you or your group. Count all the crew members as more people might take the cruise to its boarding limit capacity. If they have at least five crew members, the boarding capacity may exceed the limitations.

The Time

Ask the provider for the time frame of the tour. Most dolphin watching tours last for two hours. Knowing how long the tour will last isn’t just enjoying the best of what you’ll pay for, but it also leaves you with the opportunity to prepare if there are extra things you need in case the tour extends. Bring additional items such as food and water, clothing, sun protection and glasses, and extra money if the dolphin watching tours will last for at least three hours. Inquire if there are food and drinks included in your cruise or if you have to bring your own.

The Destination

For your safety, it is crucial to know where the destinations of your tour are. Inquire where the cruise is going and if you’re traveling with a group, inform them. If you’ve decided that you’re going to Myrtle Beach for that dolphin cruise, inform the hotel, the company you’ve employed like Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises, and the time of your departure up to the estimated time of your arrival. Remember that this is essential information that will allow people reach you if an emergency arises.

The Scenery

What you will see in your tour may vary due to natural circumstances. The best thing you can assure yourself of is the tour operator’s commitment. Although you have already set your expectation on what you’ll see, be mindful that the operator cannot ensure that the dolphins will be present at the location. Remember that some dolphins are migratory and change location when the temperature of the water drops. Your operator will probably move to a new location.

The Equipment

The equipment is an essential factor to consider as part of your cruise if you swim with the dolphins. You should ask the operator about the equipments’ condition and what kind you will get if you do not bring your gear. If your dolphin watching tour has diving or sightseeing, everyone should make sure that life jackets are provided.

The Cost

Note how much the dolphin watching tours cost and your expenses during the trip. After you’ve done your research on the previous questions, try to ask for children’s discounts if you’re traveling with your kids.

The same considerations apply if you are planning to do a sunset dolphin cruise in St Pete, FL anytime soon. If you want a great and hassle-free experience, call the best dolphin cruise provider – Sunshine Scenic Tours.

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