SST 7 Fun Pirate Facts and Myths

7 Fun Pirate Facts and Myths

Not everyone knows whether what we see in pirate movies and what we read in novels are true. Of course, they had pirate ships, but did they genuinely spend all their time at sea? It’s not undeniable that movies and novels have painted the images of how people imagine pirates to be. One thing’s for sure; there’s more to pirates than gold coins, eye patches, and wooden planks.

Here are some myths and fun facts about pirates:

Myth: Pirates didn’t fight as hard as they should.

Pirate movies weren’t able to justify how hard pirates fought in real life. However, their goal to steal the treasure without fighting other pirates is true. But, when they can’t stop the fighting, pirates fought aggressively. It is the key to becoming a pirate captain. Jack Sparrow wouldn’t even come close to how ruthless real pirates were.

Fact: There were female pirates, but they were considered weak.

Did you know; female pirates had to disguise themselves as men to protect themselves? Although there were female pirates who made a name for themselves, many believed that women weren’t capable of conquering other ships. When you read pirate history, almost every pirate was male.

Myth: Walking the plank is their form of punishment.

Pirate movies from Peter Pan to Pirates of the Caribbean showed that pirates punished anyone who gets in their way by walking the plank blindfolded and taunting them with sharp swords if they try to refuse. However, there’s little to no truth to that at all. What real pirates did in history was way worse.

Their punishment was either killing them immediately or keelhauling. What happens with keelhauling is that the pirates tie their victims with a rope while dragging them under the ship. The hulls of the vessels are often full of debris. Dragging the victim back and forth can result in fatal wounds. Others died due to a lack of oxygen.

Fact: Real pirates didn’t say “Ahoy!” or “Matey.”

This pirate fact will have you scratching your head. As much as you want to imagine them speaking in this “pirate slang,” they didn’t. Although they had a particular code among pirates, most of the pirate slang you know comes from Hollywood.

Myth: There are no pirates these days.

The idea that pirates are no longer around is a common misconception. However, pirates still conquer the high seas somewhere in the Indian Ocean or the Pacific. Some parts of the world still have to deal with losses due to piracy. The similarities between pirates before and now is that they kidnap, torture, and kill their victims. Of course, dominating ships and stealing their cargo is a given.

Fact: Pirates’ codes and rules vary from one ship to another.

To maintain order on their ships, pirates have guidelines about almost anything. They have rules for the division of the loot, types of punishment, chores to do on the ship, and their roles. The more ruthless a pirate captain is, the more likely other pirates will respect him.

Myth: Pirates bury their treasure.

As much as this was portrayed in novels and movies, burying treasure is a pirate myth. Pirates want to have a taste of their loot before hiding it. Contrary to popular belief, not every pirate treasure is full of gold coins and pieces of jewelry. Their loot often includes cloth, animal hides, lumber, and food.

Pirates know that they lead a perilous life. It is only natural that they wanted to spend their loot on leisure activities. Most pirates spend their share on alcohol and women, not worrying much about their future.

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