SST 6 Creative Party Games for Your Little Pirate Crew

6 Creative Party Games for Your Little Pirate Crew

Ahoy there! A pirate ship is about to sail. Are you having trouble finding the most fun games to play at a party to please the captain? Not to worry! We have just what you need.

When it comes to pirate party games, running around and playing sword fights (with custom-made foam swords or inflatables, of course) may seem enough for kids. But, it’s surely not enough to hold them off while waiting for a piece of delicious treasure. So, you need to set out your map to find a swashbuckling set of games and activities for your mateys!

If you want to throw the best party for your crewmates, here’s an awesome collection of cool pirate games that you can organize.

Walk the Plank

The main object that you need for this is, well, a plank! You can make this by setting up your kid’s paddling pool with a long plank of wood nailed on smaller blocks of wood piled on the ground. For the ocean water, you can use a blue blanket or a tarpaulin. Fill your kid’s pool with water and add some toy sharks to make it fun.

If that seems easy, you can have your pirate crew wear an eye patch or blindfold on. Just make sure that you apply child-proofing measures by putting some pillows or soft cushions around the plank.

Find the Crocodile

Another exciting party game that you can organize is one with a “Peter Pan” like set-up.

Recall the ticking clock’s “tick-tock” in the belly of the crocodile that swallowed Captain Hook’s hand. With a little imagination, use an egg timer and tie it to a stuffed crocodile. Get one player to act as little Captain Hook. This player will search for the hidden crocodile before the two-minute timer ends. You can ask your little pirate crew to participate by hiding the ticking crocodile. You can play enough rounds with everyone taking turns as Captain Hook.

If the little Captain Hook finds it before the time stops, then he dodges the crocodile’s wrath and wins a prize!

Captain’s Relay Race

You need a wide space for this game. Ask your mateys to put on their pirate hats and eye patches, and ready themselves for a fast-paced relay race. You can divide your guests into two teams and put up a simple route at your “ship” (party venue).

Hand over a custom-made cutlass (from foam or inflatable) and ask them to pass it to the next runner in their team. The first team to get to the finish line gets to have a treasure chest filled with chocolate coins!

Pass the Pirate’s Parrot

Let’s go back to the classics. For this party game, you will need a stuffed parrot toy and pirate music on a music player that you can pause and play randomly. Gather your little crew in a circle and ask them to pass the parrot around while the music plays. When the music pauses, the person holding the parrot is out of the game. For some thrilling fun, you can have the music played and paused at random times. The pirate who isn’t holding the parrot at the end of the last round wins the game.

Man the Cannonball Volley

Split the group into two teams and have them stand on either side of a volleyball net (or a drawn line on the ground). Provide each team with a bucket of black cannons (black water balloons with white skulls drawn on them) and cool flags made from beach towels or a large sheet.

The first team will launch their cannons from their flags over the net, while the opposing team will try to catch them and volley them back. The game ends, leaving each side with a damp, fun experience!

Treasure Hunt

Pirate party games won’t be complete without a treasure hunt. In this game, you need to fill two sandboxes (or kiddie pools) with sand and bury some treasures like fake jewelry, tickers, and gold coins. Divide your little crew into two teams and give them a treasure chest (made from a box or simply a bucket), and let them dig for buried treasures within a set time. When time is up, empty their treasure chest and count their loots. The team with more treasure wins the game!

Ahoy, matey! – Wasn’t that exciting? We hope that you find these pirate party games helpful for your next adventure. If you want to come aboard a real pirate ship, you can with Sunshine Scenic Tours! Call us now and book your reservations for a Pirate Ship Cruise in St. Pete Beach, FL. Our pirate crew will be happy to serve you. See you there!

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