SST 5 Enjoyable Pirate Party Games for All Ages

5 Enjoyable Pirate Party Games for All Ages

Themed parties are a lot of fun. People come in wearing their cool costumes. Imagine seeing kids and adults wearing bandanas, eye patches, and more. If they’re feeling a bit extra, they might even include a hook with their overall look. You can also decorate the whole place to give it a more pirate feel. If you’re thinking of ways to level up your event, you might as well include a few pirates games in the mix.

Here are some pirate party games for kids and adults to give you an idea:

1. Treasure Chest Decoration

Ahoy, me hearties! Are you thinking about pirate-themed birthday games? One of the best ways to start your event is with this pirate party game. Both adults and kids can participate in this. You just need to prepare small boxes and a few arts and crafts materials that they can use to decorate. When everyone is finished, let the crowd choose who designed the best treasure chest. You can even have them put it on a table and then you can put some treats in it that they can take home.

2. Walk the Plank

All hand hoy! Get ready to play this fun pirates game. You just need to prepare a plank and a few blocks. Nail down the plank to the small blocks, but make sure that it is sturdy. Keep the plank only a few inches off the ground to avoid any accidents. After the plank is set, you can either use a small inflatable pool or a blue tarp to put under the plank to give it an “ocean” vibe. Now, to start the fun, have everyone fall in line. Whoever falls to the pool or tarp loses. As the game goes, have them walk the plank in different ways, such as sideways, backward, on one foot, etc. to make it more exciting.

3. Forbidden Pirate Word

Gather up every buccaneer on board. It’s time to play this pirate-themed birthday game! You just have to prepare gold coins or those chocolate gold coins that you can buy at the supermarket. Give each of your guests ten gold coins and tell them the forbidden pirate word. It can be anything that a pirate would say including aye, arrrghhh, ahoy, blimey, and other pirate catchphrases. Once someone hears a person say the forbidden word, the rule-breaker will have to give one of his gold coins to the person who caught him. Whoever has the most gold coins at the end of the game wins.

4. Cannonball Toss

Another fun pirate party game and activity for kids and adults is the cannonball toss. Have your guests pair up. You just have to prepare black balloons filled with water. Instruct them to pass the balloon to their partners until it drops or breaks. The pairs who lose their balloons will have to stop playing. You can liven things up by increasing the distance between each pair for every round, putting blindfolds on one person, or having them play on one foot.

5. Find the Crocodile

Avast ye! This is another amusing pirate-themed birthday game that you can do. For this game, you just need an oven timer and a toy crocodile. If you’ve watched Peter Pan and you know Captain Hook, you probably know how this game will go. Have them choose one player to be Captain Hook. Captain Hook will have to go out of the room for a minute or two. The other players will then have to hide the toy crocodile. Set the timer for two minutes and let Captain Hook look for the toy crocodile. If the timer goes off before he finds the toy, Captain Hook loses. However, if he does find it before the timer rings, he gets a reward. Try to let everyone have their turn to be Captain Hook and join the fun!

These are only a few pirate party games and activities that you can do. You can be certain that everyone will have a great time. Everyone will surely be all aboard your celebration with these fun-filled pirate party games for kids and adults!

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