SST GASPARILLA Pirate Conquest

What You Need to Know Before Gasparilla

With over 300,000 pirates expected at this Saturday’s Gasparilla Pirate Fest, we have some need-to-know tips before you head out to Bayshore Boulevard.

  • Expect traffic. People will be arriving by land and sea for the parade and parties, so know which roads are closed and plan where you are going to park ahead of time. While you are parking, take a picture on your phone to note which intersections you parked near, in case you forget later.
  • Choose a designated driver. Or be prepared to get an Uber to pick up your crew because there will be DUI checkpoints. While taking part in the festivities, you can also use the buses and trolleys in Tampa.
  • Make a pit stop at the ATM machine. Some vendors will only accept cash.
  • If you aren’t attending, you can watch on TV! WFLA, in the Tampa Bay area, will broadcast the parade if want to watch from the comfort of your own home.

Have fun and be safe fellow pirates!

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