SST Royal Conquest Pirate Cruise in Madeira Beach

What To Expect on a Pirate Cruise

Children and adults alike love pirates. The romanticized image of the pirate life has long captured the imagination of people. Numerous movies have been made to romanticize the lives of these free spirits of our seas. Both parents and children love escaping reality through these pillaging journeys.

For those looking for quality bonding time with your family, a pirate cruise would be one of the best family fun activities! A pirate ship cruise on the Royal Conquest in John’s Pass is just the answer!

What is a Pirate Cruise?

A cruise is a voyage where passengers sail onboard a ship to enjoy the views and activities that are included in the event. Cruising is all about taking a much-needed time off, which is why throughout the adventure, you can sail on beautiful waters full of excitement and family fun.

Pirate ship reviews have skyrocketed throughout the years because of our commitment to provide an immersive pirate experience for you and your family or friends.

What makes the pirate ship a great family fun adventure is its theme of swashbuckling conquest — pirate crews, realistic sea brigs, treasure hunting, and pirate crew attire that match the theme are all part of the adventure that will make you feel like you’re truly on a pirate ship.

What to Expect on the Royal Conquest Pirate Ship

If you’re thinking of taking a pirate cruise, you’re on the right track to what promises to be a great and stress-free way to quickly enjoy yourself. If you’re a first-time pirate cruiser, fresh to nautical activities, you’re undoubtedly wondering, “What can I expect from the Pirate Ship in John’s Pass?”

Well, you’re in luck! Here are several things to expect from cruising on the Royal Conquest Pirate Ship.

Is the Royal Conquest pirate ship safe?
In most establishments that offer pirate shipping, safety is their number one priority. On the Royal Conquest pirate ship, your safety is prioritized above all.

The Royal Conquest ship is inspected by the Coast Guard, with all of its personnel trained in first-aid and drug-tested.

Is it possible to eat and drink on the ship?
The Royal Conquest pirate cruise ship offers tasty snacks and delectable beverages onboard. Beer, wine (for adults over 21), sodas, and water are all also complimentary.

How likely are you to get seasick?
Most of the trips taken by the pirate cruise ship are often in the calm waters of Boca Ciega Bay, so the possibilities of being seasick are quite low.

Is there an age limit to board the pirate ship?
All ages are welcome on the Royal Conquest pirate ship. Although, check out our event calendar for Adult only themed events throughout the year!

Different age groups may opt to choose from one of these cruise adventures during their time on the Royal Conquest:

  • Wedding weekends
  • Pirate-themed birthdays for all ages
  • Reunions
  • Educational Tours
  • Corporate Parties
  • Team building activities
  • Celebration of life ceremonies
  • Graduations
  • Large travel parties
  • Networking groups

How many can the ship accommodate?
As the ship is bi-level and coast-guard-certified, it can accommodate 46 guests.

There is a minimum number of people required to send the cruise out. A cruise may be canceled up to the time of departure in case it does not meet the minimum number of people.

Cruises tend to fill up throughout the day and at the last minute, so booking ahead of time is highly suggested. However, customers will be rescheduled or refunded if ever they do not meet the minimum and must cancel a cruise.

What type of pirate activities can you expect?
What is a pirate ship trip without some dance party music and treasure scavenging? In pirate cruises, expect the ultimate buccaneer adventure!

A pirate ship cruise on the Royal Conquest includes a treasure hunt, limbo, pirate legends, and water gun battles that the children and adults alike will love. We even fire a cannon on our evening cruise each day!

If you don’t feel like looting and swabbing the decks, the Royal Conquest offers grog (beer, wine, seltzers, and mixed drinks) to adults over the age of 21.

Dolphins are plentiful on Madeira Beach, so there’s a good chance you’ll encounter one of these magnificent sea animals before the day is done.

The entire crew is dressed as renegade pirates that never break character so you can experience the authentic pirate feel on top of the endless entertainment.

You may even participate in the excitement by purchasing your own pirate hat, eye patch, swords, and other pirate gear in the gift shop where you pick up your boarding pass.

Sunshine Scenic Tours Provides the Complete Pirate Experience

The world of pirates captivates the imagination, even if in reality they were desperate individuals with no unique accents, little quick ships, and never truly buried their loot.

Sunshine Scenic Tours provides an amazing pirate ship cruise in John’s Pass that goes above and beyond your expectations, from its myriad of pirate entertainment to the snacks and beverages, for a day full of pirate fun!

Our long list of pirate ship reviews serves as a testament that your event will be worth every penny. Contact us today!

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