The Benefits and Future of Dolphin Watching

The Benefits and Future of Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching in Florida is a great alternative to watching dolphins in captivity.

Responsible dolphin watching is fun. It is beneficial for everyone involved — locals, tourists, businesses, and even for the dolphins themselves. This tourist attraction opens new doors of opportunities for local businesses. It also has educational and research purposes. Sunshine Scenic Tours is here to discuss the benefits of going on a dolphin boat tour and what the future looks like for this tourist attraction.

Responsible Dolphin Watching in Florida: What Does It Mean?

When it comes to this tourist attraction, the safety of the dolphins and other marine wildlife is the priority. That said, dolphin boat tour operators, as well as passengers, should practice the following:

  • Be careful when approaching or touching dolphins and other marine life.
  • Consider the duration of the dolphin-watching tour to avoid causing stress and change in the behavior of dolphins.
  • Keep the oceans and shores garbage-free.

Operators also have the responsibility of educating people about issues and their responsibility to the environment. When done responsibly, it is possible to achieve the following goals:

  • Marine conservation
  • Ocean preservation
  • Enhanced social and economic sustainability

There are studies from different parts of the world that show that if not done in a responsible manner, this tourist attraction will harm the very reason people love to do it — the dolphins and other cetaceans.

What Are the Benefits of Responsible Dolphin Boat Tours?

Dolphin tours benefit the people, the dolphins, and the economy. Here are the benefits people get from seeing dolphins up close:

  • Get the chance to see these majestic sea creatures enjoy swimming in their natural habitat.
  • Learn about cetaceans, the problems they’re facing, and how you can contribute to helping them.
  • Spend time with your loved ones while being close to nature.

Here are the benefits of dolphin boat tours to marine conservation efforts:

  • Be able to save lives when people spot marine animals in distress.
  • Provide experts with a platform to gather data regarding the ecology and behavior of cetaceans.
  • Here are the benefits of dolphin watching to the economy:
  • Improve local tourism in the area
  • Provide a long-term source of income for communities

The World Cetacean Alliance: What’s the Future of This Tourist Attraction?

The World Cetacean Alliance is an organization dedicated to building a world where cetaceans are free, and the oceans are thriving. They consist of people from communities who have the expertise, resources, and capacity to provide dolphins, whales, porpoises, and other cetaceans with a voice.

They also strive to improve whale and dolphin watching activities across the globe. The WCA protects local communities and cetaceans’ habitats from the negative effects of tourism including, but not limited to over-tourism and compromised animal welfare. WCA’s number goal is to have cetaceans live in harmony among humans while protecting their habitat.

In 2019, the WCA created a certification program for “responsible whale watching.” This certification guarantees that all tours accomplish the highest standards for customer experience, sustainability, and animal welfare. Every member of this program donates a dollar for every ticket they sell to education programs and national and international programs spearheaded by the World Cetacean Alliance and its partners.

The aim of this program is to build a long-term strategy centered on natural and more sustainable cetacean encounters — while following the Global Best Practice Guidance published by the WCA in 2018. This will dramatically reduce the negative impacts brought about by dolphin boat tours.

WCA’s Global Best Practice Guidance for Responsible Dolphin and Whale Watching

The guidelines released by the World Cetacean Alliance aim to provide tourists with a fun and enjoyable experience while protecting marine life — through research, education, and conservation initiatives. According to Sophie Lewis, author of the Global Best Practice Guideline, 10% of the global economy is comprised of tourism. It has a great impact on society and the environment. By investing in high-quality and sustainable experiences, it will benefit the oceans and the cetaceans.

According to the guidelines from WCA, responsible whale and dolphin watching tours must:

  • Meet customer expectations
  • Reduce any negative impact on the environment
  • Highlight ongoing research work and your support to conservation efforts
  • Provide a valuable learning experience
  • Use the guidelines to approach cetaceans safely

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