SST John’s Pass Pirate Ship

Host your next event with John’s Pass Pirate Ship

Argghhh! One of the best things about the Tampa Bay Area is its amazing concentration of pirates. Many people think that Tampa’s pirate lore is confined to only Gasparilla, but that is a sad, sad myth. Tampa’s pirates sail the mysterious seas of the Gulf of Mexico year round, and luckily here at John’s Pass Boat Tours we have a whole crew ready and waiting to be your hosts for a party or event of your choosing.

Obviously boarding a pirate ship is something that must be done at your own risk and is not for the faint of heart, but is sure to be a high seas adventure you and your guests will never forget!

Why should you party like a pirate? Let us count the ways:

  1. Pirates are the ultimate high seas experts: Think you know a lot about John’s Pass and the Gulf of Mexico? You obviously haven’t hung out with a pirate lately. These mighty sea farers know the seas like the back of their hands and therefore make excellent tour guides. Our pirates will make sure you have an adventure you never forget.
  2. Pirates keep secrets: What happens on the pirate ship stays on the pirate ship.
  3. Pirates are full of surprises: You never know what’s around the next corner when you are hanging out with a pirate. Full of endless surprises, mysteries and adventures, you can be sure that your time spent on our pirate cruise will be unforgettable.
  4. Pirates know how to boogie: Great music, smooth moves, ain’t no party like a Pirate dance party!
  5. Pirates don’t need Instagram: You won’t need any filters for these photos. Our pirates are always willing to star in photos that you can brag to your friends with. Be prepared to use hashtag #pirate.

So as you can see when you join us on our two level, 56-foot U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified pirate ship you will be launching into the cruise that won’t be easily forgotten. Dancing, music, treasure hunts, face painting, heck there might even been limbo (and you haven’t limbo-ed until you’ve limbo-ed with a pirate). Pirate birthday parties, a pirate anniversary or maybe even a pirate wedding, no matter what your event, we promise to provide lots of hidden treasures and not to make you walk the plank (well, maybe….)

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