SST Dolphin-Themed Party Ideas for Your Kid's Next Birthday Party

Dolphin-Themed Party Ideas for Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

An unprompted interest in science is an asset that parents should encourage. What better way to show your support for their love of sea creatures and anything related to marine life than throwing a dolphin-themed birthday party!

You will have to prepare and buy dolphin party supplies. If you don’t have a to-do list or you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you!

Dolphin Party Supplies

1. Dolphin-Themed Birthday Cake

The cake you’ll have will be one of the stars of the party. Of course, you should have something related to the sea or the dolphins themselves. If you don’t know how to bake, check local bakers near you if they can make a custom cake. You can also search on the internet and watch videos on how to make one if you already have the cake tools and ingredients.

2. Dolphin Balloons

Another staple at birthday parties is balloons. The perfect way to make your dolphin-themed party lively is with dolphin balloons. There are novelty stores and online shops that sell these kinds of balloons. You can stick to one color, but you can also mix and match. You can choose aquamarine, turquoise, white, and blue. If you’re feeling a bit extra, you can create a balloon archway for your guests to walk into and take photos of.

3. Inflatable Dolphins

If you’re planning to have an outdoor party and you have a pool, you can never go wrong with inflatable dolphins you can easily purchase online. If there are many colors available, buy a variety of them. You can let your guests use them or just let them float in the pool.

4. Dolphin Sculpture

If you have the budget and enough time for it, you can put an order for a gorgeous ice dolphin sculpture for your child’s dolphin birthday party. Your guests will be in awe if you make this your centerpiece.

5. Beach Buckets

Children’s parties are not complete without loot bags. Get paper loot bags with printed dolphins on them, or you can opt for beach buckets. Fill them up with dolphin treats, toys, and candies. You can put designs on them using stickers or colorful markers.

6. Dolphin Keychains

Aside from dolphin loot bags, you can also give your guests dolphin keychains as a souvenir. You can include a photo of your child on one side and the date of the party on the other.

Dolphin Party Games

A party isn’t complete without games! To keep everything in line with your theme, here are some dolphin party game ideas that everyone will enjoy!

1. Water Balloon Toss

For this game, you’ll need to prepare water balloons. Have the kids pair up and stand in front of each other at a distance. Have them pass the balloons to each other without popping them. For every round, have the kids take a step back to increase the difficulty of the game. Don’t forget to inform your guests to bring an extra set of clothes so they can change afterward!

2. Dolphin Arts and Crafts

This is another activity that the kids will enjoy. You can print out activity sheets or coloring books. Prepare watercolors, paintbrushes, and crayons. After they’re done with their artwork, you can frame them and have them bring it home.

3. Movie Time

If you don’t have time to prepare props for the game, you can just play a movie about dolphins or any movie set under the sea like The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, or Finding Dory! To make it more fun, don’t forget to pass around dolphin cookies, popcorn, and refreshments.

4. Dolphin Charades

This is a classic game that even parents will enjoy. For this game, you’ll need a fishbowl. You can write down the names of sea creatures or movie characters on pieces of paper. Divide the group into two. Participants will have to act out whatever they pick. Others will have to guess it. Note that no sounds or words are allowed. The group who guesses more wins!

See Dolphins Up Close

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