Marvel in the Beauty of the Sunset

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Bask in the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico aboard our Dolphin Quest Sunset Cruise.

Join us as we cruise the pristine waters surrounding John’s Pass and take in the beautiful sunset out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Boca Ciega Bay is an aquatic preserve — abundant with aquatic birds, mangrove islands and spectacular views.  This area continues to be a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike!

A sunset cruise aboard the Dolphin Quest takes you through the Boca Ciega Bay and out through John’s Pass into the Gulf of Mexico as the sun sets on the water.  Enjoy music, snacks and beverages as you cruise – fun for the entire family!

Witness the Sunset Unfold

Experience a magical moment on a dolphin sunset cruise with Sunshine Scenic Tours. Our cruise in Boca Ciega Bay is awe-inspiring. Witness the sunset turn the vicinity of Boca Ciega Bay into a golden wonder as you hold your loved ones close. Ready your camera or live in the moment.

Experience the Unforgettable

Although the chance to see the majestic dolphins up close is slim, the glorious sunset itself is enough to make it one for the books. With our sunset cruise, you get the best view of the sunset along the Gulf of Mexico. Watch as dusk settles in while sipping a glass of your preferred beverage.

Discover Boca Ciega Bay

The sunset cruise makes it possible to reach and see the places surrounding Boca Ciega Bay. Explore the area and learn about its rich history. Our staff can point out must-visit establishments, restaurants, and other areas of interest scattered in Boca Ciega Bay.

Make New Friends

As you marvel in the clear blue waters, gentle waves, and picture-perfect scenery of the area, interact with the other guests on our sunset cruise. Converse over a glass of wine, sangria, beer, soda, or juice. Enjoy the view as you munch on snacks onboard.

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Sunshine Scenic Tours’ Sunset Cruise

The search for a “sunset dolphin cruise near me” is over. With our cruise, experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are the details:
Our rates are as follows:

We recommend booking in advance to secure your spot. Arrive an hour early to find a parking spot and to get your boarding pass in the gift shop. If we do not reach the minimum number of passengers until the departure time, we may have to reschedule the trip. The cruise returns to the dock right away following the sunset.

Dolphin sightings are not always guaranteed, but being able to view the sunset at Boca Ciega Bay aboard our sunset cruise is worth the trip.

Book with Sunshine Scenic Tours Today!

Searching for a “sunset cruise near me?”

Sunshine Scenic Tours is here for you. Experience the beauty of Boca Ciega Bay on a whole new level. Reserve a spot on our cruise today and bring your loved ones with you!

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