Christmas Gift Ideas for Pirate Lovers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pirate Lovers

Yo-ho-ho! Christmas is just around the corner.

Are you scratching your head for the perfect gift to give? This is the time of the year again — everyone’s scrambling to find the perfect thing for the people they love. If you don’t have any Christmas gift ideas for a buccaneer you know, then this one’s for you.

We have various gift ideas for your pirate-loving friends and family. Complete their Christmas by giving them pirate-themed presents. Prepare your doubloons and surprise them with one of these gifts.

14 Gifts for Pirate Lovers

Yarr! Are you ready to find the perfect treasure for a pirate? Let’s begin our treasure hunting adventures. Here are some Christmas gift ideas to give to pirate enthusiasts:

1. Pirate Tankard

This is the perfect gift that will have them saying “splice the mainbrace!” — whether they’re drinking liquor or coffee. This gift will give them complete pirate feels. They may even boast about it to other pirate aficionados they know.

2. Pirate Weapons

Another gift for pirate lovers is pirate weapons. They don’t have to be authentic. Any buccaneer will be happy to receive swords for their voyages with the rest of the crew. These are perfect for conquering other ships and looting booty.

3. Pirate Books

Blow me down! Here’s another gift idea for a pirate wannabe. There are books about pirate history, pirate vocabulary, and pirate stories — talk about lots of pirate information. Once they finish the books, they’ll be talking like Captain Blackbeard.

4. Pirate Flags

Avast ye! Nothing says Merry Christmas for pirate lovers than a Jolly Roger flag. This is a great Christmas gift idea that they’ll remember for years to come. They can either have it framed or put it up just like an authentic pirate flag.

5. Pirate Shirts

Pirate shirts are another gift idea that an aspiring pirate would love to have. There are plenty of options available online, from a Jolly Roger flag design, skull and crossbones logo to a private buccaneer novelty top. There are options for everyday wear, cosplay, and pirate garb. This is perfect for when they have pirate cosplay conventions to attend.

6. Pirate Barware

No journey to the sea is complete with fine liquor. To complete that, there are different pirate barware you can buy to complete their pirate Christmas. You can choose from a pirate-themed ice tray, bottle opener, or shot glass.

7. Pirate Rings

Another gift you can give to someone dreaming of becoming a pirate captain is pirate rings. Blimey! These jewels are guaranteed to make rookie pirates want to have one. This Christmas gift idea will make your loved one feel like a true pirate. Some of your options are a Jolly Roger signet ring, a pirate skull, even a replica of Jack Sparrow’s ring in the movie.

8. Pirate Ships

Another Christmas gift idea for pirate lovers is pirate ships. One other thing that pirates love than a good ol’ bottle of booze is an impressive vessel. There are mini pirate ships for display that you can get. The downside is there will be no walking the plank, matey!

9. Pirate Movies

There are plenty of pirate movies for rent or for purchase. Let them channel their own pirate self by feeling like they’re part of the movie. Here are some of the Captain’s picks for pirate entertainment:

  • Pirate Code: Real Pirates
  • Pirates: Dead Men Tell Their Tales
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Four-Movie Collection

10. Pirate Card Games and Board Games

Call all the scallywags, old salts, and the captain himself. Play pirate board games and card games and earn loads of doubloons. This is a perfect gift for pirate lovers who love to play games. Here are some enjoyable games to choose from:

  • Merchants and Marauders
  • Loot
  • Pirate Fluxx
  • Black Fleet Game
  • Pirate’s Cove

11. Pirate Treasure Map

As pirates say, “no prey, no pay.” Find the buried coffer with a treasure map — an undeniably perfect Christmas gift idea for pirate lovers. There are treasure maps available online — ones that look ancient and weathered. They can frame it and put it up on their wall.

12. Pirate Treasure Chest

Another gift to complete their pirate Christmas is a good ol’ treasure chest. As pirate aficionados, they would want a place to hide all their booty. There are treasure chests of all shapes and sizes that you can buy.

13. Pirate Journal

If they love to log all of their adventures, then a pirate journal is the right Christmas gift idea. There are plenty of pirate-themed journals online. Give one to a sailor you know and let them start documenting their voyages.

14. Pirate Christmas Cruise

Nothing more says “Merry Christmas” to aspiring pirates than a pirate Christmas cruise. This is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that they’ll never forget. Spend the holidays on a big cruise and feel like a real pirate.

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