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Anchors Aweigh! How To Throw a Pirate-themed Party

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Ever wanted to party like a pirate? Throwing a pirate-themed party has never been easier. Pirates are as famous as they’ve ever been, so finding costumes and pirate decorations is as easy as walking the plank.

What if you want to throw a party on a boat, though? There are particular things to keep in mind if you so choose to sail the high seas for your birthday, anniversary, or anything your pirate heart may desire.

Of course, having the Royal Conquest at your disposal is the dream. Should your plans bring you to St. Petersburg, Sunshine Scenic Tours can make the pirate-themed party of your dreams happen. Otherwise, consider this a guide to throwing your own pirate-themed event on whichever vessel you can get your pirate hands on.

Choosing a Vessel Fit for a Pirate

SST-Are you holding the party on land, or on a boat

No self-respecting pirate can host an absolute rager without the proper vessel. The Royal Conquest, for instance, is a 46-foot pirate ship capable of hosting up to 46 pirates. The size of this vessel would be more than large enough for games, food service, and even live entertainment.

When selecting a vessel for your event, be sure to ask the critical questions, such as:

  • How many guests can the vessel safely hold?
  • Is outside food and beverage allowed on board, or is that provided or available for purchase?
  • Will entertainment (i.e., games, music, etc.) be provided?

If you’re a lucky pirate who owns or has access to a private vessel, the questions remain the same. However, the duties shift to your responsibility.

A vessel’s most essential quality for a pirate-themed party is whether it can hold you and your friends comfortably. Whether the boat is an actual pirate ship is up to you.

Pirate Party Games and You

SST-Who's up for a treasure hunt

Before you begin planning, determine if this party is for kids or adults. Now, consider this: kids and adults need entertainment, and playing games is an easy way to keep guests entertained and invested in the goings-on.

To throw your own pirate-themed party with pirate games, these tried and true games are sure to keep your pirates from mutiny.

Treasure Hunt

Putting on a treasure hunt aboard a boat may seem difficult, but if you plan it right, it can last the entire cruise. Preparation is vital to this game. Draw a large treasure map before the ship sets sail. On the backside, divide the map into nine square pieces and write a clue in each. Cut these pieces apart and hide them around the ship. Each piece should be a clue referring to the location of another piece. Once they’re all collected, guests can piece together the map and find the treasure, be it a bottle of rum for the adults or a treasure chest filled with chocolate coins for kids (adults love chocolate, too!).

Walking the Plank

Walking the plank may have meant certain doom for pirates of ye olden times, but it can be the talk of the night for your party. Constructing a plank is easy. Simply take, well, a wooden plank and nail it to a block of wood on either end. Ensure that the plank is sturdy enough to hold a person. Host a pirate-themed quiz featuring questions from movies, books, or music, and have your guests walk the plank for each incorrect answer. Three wrong answers and you jump from the plank and take a drink! Doesn’t seem like much of a punishment now, does it?

Food and Drink Fit for a Pirate (Party)

SST-Pirate-themed foods and drinks are a staple for any pirate party

The rule of thumb for any party is to keep it simple. The same can be said for parties aboard a boat, though it’s more important in confined spaces than in your living room. The good news is that pirate party food makes the host’s life easier!

Keep the pirate theme alive at the buffet with finger foods real pirates would have eaten. Chicken wings are a party favorite and can be tailored to the pirate theme. Caribbean barbecue sauce and jerk spices offer a tongue-tingling appetizer with little need for utensils. For vegetarians, try Pirate Pinwheels, tortillas rolled with your choice of cheese – cheddar, cream, etc. – and spinach or carrots, coupled with a tangy ranch dressing. This quick and easy snack can be healthy and delicious.

Hot dogs and pigs in blankets (small sausages wrapped in dough and baked) are also crowd favorites. Get creative with the decorations or simply stick a pirate flag in each and go to town.

A pirate party would not be complete without a beverage or two. Avoid having your guests ask where all the rum has gone by providing rum and ingredients to make cocktails. Not only will this give guests something to achieve (creating an award-winning concoction of their own!), but it will make guests feel as if they are true pirates drinking rum with their pirate buddies.

A large bowl of punchy can make for an attractive centerpiece for your party on the boat. Grab a large bowl – preferably a sturdy, non-breakable vessel – and make this tried and true recipe:

Mermaid Water

  • 3 cups Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • 1.5 cups Malibu Spiced Rum
  • 72 ounces of pineapple juice
  • 12 ounces of frozen limeade concentrate
  • ¾ cup blue curacao
  • 1 liter of ginger ale
  • Lime slices for garnish

Simply mix all of the ingredients and chill until ready to serve.

Your Pirate Party

Pirate-themed party ideas don’t have to be complicated. Head to your local party supply store and stock up on pirate hats, eye patches, treasure such as bead necklaces and gold coins, and all manner of booty you can get your hands on. Then, book a cruise aboard a ship such as the Royal Conquest if you’re in town, or find a reputable Captain to take you on your merry way. Once the pieces are in place, sit back and enjoy the festivities – a real pirate certainly would!

Sunshine Scenic Tours hosts private parties aboard the best John’s Pass pirate ship, the Royal Conquest. Tours depart daily from John’s Pass in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Answer the sea’s call – Journey on the Royal Conquest.

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