SST 10 Dolphin Facts That Will Change Your Mind About Dolphin Cruise Tours

10 Dolphin Facts That Will Change Your Mind About Dolphin Cruise Tours

Trying something new can be overwhelming at times. However, first times aren’t always a bad thing. If going on a dolphin cruise is an idea that has been sitting in the back of your mind, maybe you should give it a try.

Dolphins are majestic creatures of the ocean. Seeing them up close can be exhilarating. Not everyone knows a lot about dolphins aside from them being cute sea creatures. If you have been planning to try a dolphin boat tour, then now’s a good time to learn all about these amazing ocean mammals. We’ve listed some dolphin facts for you to get started.

1. Dolphins have names.

Just like humans, dolphins have unique names. They’re called whistles or calls. The call of a female dolphin is different for each of her calves to distinguish between them. They have their own identities just like humans. This has been demonstrated in various studies in which scientists recorded dolphins’ whistles, and when played back, the dolphins responded to their own “names”.

2. Dolphins are always alert.

You might be wondering if dolphins sleep. They do. They must sleep at least 8 hours per day, but they do so with only one half of their brain at a time. The left side of their brain sleeps for 4 hours and then the right half sleeps for another 4 hours. Half of their brain stays alert at all times to watch out for any predator or prey that might be lurking around.

3. Dolphins get tanned.

Another incredible dolphin fact is this. A dolphin’s skin color is different in winter and summer. They have a much lighter skin color in winter. Once the summer heat comes, their skin color darkens.

4. Dolphins go into labor.

A female dolphin goes into labor for a minimum of twenty minutes and a maximum of two hours. A dolphin’s pregnancy lasts for twelve months. They only give birth to one calf every pregnancy. A baby dolphin comes out tail first to avoid the risk of drowning.

5. Dolphins are intelligent.

This is not a secret and this is probably one of the top reasons why people go on a dolphin cruise. There is even evidence that dolphins can use tools. They have been seen using ocean sponges to protect their snouts from injuries and other predators like stingrays when they’re bottom-feeding.

6. Dolphins have feelings.

This dolphin fact will leave you in awe of these majestic sea creatures. Studies have proven that they are capable of feeling grief, sadness, affection, empathy, anger, despair, and disappointment. Dolphins who are caught and separated from their pods may commit suicide. They also mourn the death of their own.

7. Dolphins know themselves when looking into a mirror.

This is another dolphin fact that shows how intelligent dolphins are. Like apes and humans, dolphins also recognize themselves in mirrors. This shows how complex their brains are. According to studies, dolphins can recognize themselves as early as seven months old while human babies recognize themselves in fifteen to eighteen months. This means that dolphins are socially aware.

8. Dolphins are social.

Aside from having unique names, dolphins also belong to different pods with their own languages and cultures. They hunt together with their pod and they teach each other survival skills. They collaborate and communicate when hunting and eating food. Also, when one of their own is injured or old, the other dolphins care for them.

9. Dolphins are playful.

Dolphins play with other members of their pod. They also interact with humans. However, when they sense harm or danger, dolphins can react aggressively. If you are planning to go on a dolphin boat tour, it is best not to touch or feed the dolphins without supervision from experts.

10. Dolphins move to other places.

Dolphins are not migratory sea creatures. However, when they deem that the food supply is no longer enough, they will move along with their pod to a new place. They can also feel temperature changes in the water. They will look for a new place where the temperature is perfect for them.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should go on a dolphin cruise. You’ll definitely have an enjoyable time seeing these beautiful creatures up close. You can also take picture-perfect photos that you can share online. This is a perfect family getaway.

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