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Things to do in Tampa Bay

One of the best things about being in the Tampa Bay area is the abundance of different activities and adventures out there to enjoy. There is definitely something for everyone; young or old, singles or couples, young families, rich or poor (there are some great activities that are low to no cost). Obviously some of the most popular things to do in Tampa Bay get us out on the water. The Tampa Bay area is full of amazing beach and sea adventures. Whether hanging out on land and relaxing on the sand, playing on the beach, or channeling your inner fish and venturing out into the beautiful gulf waters, you are sure to find an activity that fits your fancy.

Now, we might be bias, but we think some of the best ways to enjoy the beauty and wonders of the Gulf of Mexico is by boat. We really think you might enjoy some of these sea adventures too. And that’s why we’ve put together a variety of gulf adventures for you to enjoy. Whether you are fan of pirate voyages or dolphin watching, you are sure to enjoy a day out on the water.

As nature and wildlife lovers, we like to make observing and enjoying the amazing wildlife we have around us here in Tampa Bay a major part of our adventures. That’s why it was never a question to offer a Tampa Bay Dolphin Watching Tour, the Dolphin Quest. There is nothing better than a day spent out on the water watching dolphins frolic and play.

Of course, part of the excitement of viewing a dolphin is the surprise of their appearance; it feels much like a gift. Unfortunately, this also means that we can’t always guarantee they will be out and active on our tours. That’s why we have a guarantee in place that if you don’t see a dolphin on your trip we will give you another one free!

Another of our favorite ‘signature’ Tampa Bay things to do is anything having to do with pirates. Gasparilla and all the events surrounding it provide endless entertainment for the Tampa Bay region. Honestly, who doesn’t like dressing and talking like a pirate? No one we know! After enjoying the fun of the Tampa Bay pirate scene we wanted to ‘walk the plank’ ourselves, and so we created our Pirate Cruise, on board the Royal Conquest.

Both of these adventures are perfect for parties, special events or just a random day o’ fun! Most of all both of them let you enjoy the very best part of the Tampa Bay region and John’s Pass….the amazing Gulf waters!

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