About the Royal Conquest

Royal Conquest Pirateship

Are you interested in a swashbuckling, exciting adventure that is perfect for the entire family? Look no further than the Royal Conquest – a two-story, 46-foot U.S. Coast Guard inspected […]

5 Fierce Female Pirates

CHING SHIH Female Pirate

When you think of a pirate, what’s the first thing that comes into mind? An angry bearded man with a hook for a hand, right? Ha! Well, you should know […]

A Brief History of Pirates


Ahoy Maties! Did you know that the history of pirates dates back thousands of years? Or that there were strict rules for the crew aboard a pirate ship? There are […]

Our Favorite Restaurants in John’s Pass


When you visit Madeira Beach, FL, you can expect amazing weather, gorgeous pastel-colored Florida sunsets, and fun activities centered around the beauty of Boca Ciega Bay. What you can also […]

The Legend of Gasparilla

Ahoy mateys!  Gather round for a story to be told, that of the legend of Gasparilla… Tampa’s famous annual carnival, Gasparilla, was named after the legendary pirate Jose Gaspar, “last […]

Your Post-Gasparilla Pirate Destination

With the final Gasparilla event over this past weekend, Tampa bay area residents may be dealing with pirate separation anxiety. But we have good news—Boat Tours at Johns Pass offers […]