Nurturing Young Minds at Sea Through Educational Eco Cruises

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Bring learning to life with an unforgettable voyage on our exciting cruises.

Learning should be more than just textbooks and lectures. It should be fun and immersive. At Sunshine Scenic Tours, education transforms into an exciting adventure that sparks curiosity and passion in young minds.

We specialize in providing enriching field trips, school events, or other educational opportunities. Our expert team guarantees learnings as you embark on a thrilling voyage of discovery.    

Our Educational Cruises

Get your students ready for a one-of-a-kind educational adventure with Sunshine Scenic Tours! From our thrilling Royal Conquest pirate-themed journey to immersive marine experiences with Dolphin Quest and Shark Boats, we offer unforgettable voyages tailored to inspire and educate.

Ahoy, mates! Set sail for an adventure on the Royal Conquest, our pirate ship! Come aboard our trusty vessel and delve into a treasure trove of interactive history and hearty laughter. Swap your classroom for a pirate ship and engage in unforgettable learning.

Dolphin Quest

Calling all dolphin lovers! Prepare for a magical voyage on the Dolphin Quest. Our expert guides will navigate you through the ocean’s wonders, getting up close with playful dolphins in their natural habitat. It’s not just a trip. It’s a splash-filled learning journey that will create memories. Join us for an oceanic adventure you won’t forget!

Shark Boat

Ready for a heart-pounding thrill? Hop aboard our Shark Boats, where you’ll speed through the waves in our shark-inspired vessel. Feel the wind in your hair and the sea spray on your face as we zip through dolphin-dotted waters. It’s a ride that’s partly adrenaline, partly education, and all exhilarating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dress comfy and be ready for some fun! A jacket might be your best mate in winter, and don’t forget that sunscreen to fend off sneaky sun rays.

A splash from the salty sea? Maybe. Soaking in a squirt gun duel on the Royal Conquest? Quite possibly! But fear not, landlubber, as we’ve got dry zones for those who prefer splash-free adventures.

No need to resort to a message in a bottle! We have bathrooms aboard. But we recommend you use the land-based facilities before setting sail.

Set aside a good 1.5 hours for your sea adventure with us. Time flies when you’re having this much fun!

Seasick on our watch? Not likely! We usually cruise the gentle waves of Boca Ciega Bay, steering clear of the choppy Gulf of Mexico. If you’ve ever been woozy on the waves, take some precautions. For your safety, please check with your doctor first. Happy sailing!

Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to collect your boarding pass. If you’re cruising during peak season, it might be wise to allot an additional hour for parking at the always-busy John’s Pass!

Absolutely! Ensuring safety is at the top of our list on all of our vessels. The U.S. Coast Guard conducts regular inspections.

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