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Notable TV and Film Dolphins

Famed for their playfulness and elegance, dolphins are natural stars. From humble beginnings in black-and-white on the small screen to starring in big-screen roles, dolphins are Hollywood royalty. Many dolphin

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SST Dolphins Out Water

Dolphin Facts: Why Are They So Playful?

Dolphins are not only extraordinarily intelligent, but they also have distinguishing characteristics, such as highly developed social skills and self-awareness, that make them one of nature’s most intellectual and, of course, fun marine animals. Sunshine Scenic Tours can tell you about several dolphin facts and why dolphins are so playful with each other and with humans.

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SST Swimming Dolphins

What to Expect on a Dolphin Quest Cruise

Florida is home to a vast range of wildlife, and Boca Ciega Bay is the place to go to watch dolphins play in their natural habitat. A dolphin cruise is ideal if you want to have an exciting wildlife encounter and learn about the area’s unique culture while also spending quality time with your family. Sunshine Scenic Tour’s Dolphin Quest is great value for money. If you’re looking to arrange your first boat journey to view the dolphins, Sunshine Scenic Tours is the ideal option. Here’s what to expect on our Dolphin Quest cruise.

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Dolphine on a sea

How Are Dolphin Sound and Music Related?

Find out how scientists are deciphering and decoding dolphin sound through music. Although summoning dolphins with a flute may sound like something out of “The Legend of Zelda,” Australian scientists

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What Do Dolphins Eat

What Do Dolphins Eat?

Common bottlenose dolphins or also known as Tursiops truncatus are the charmer of the open sea. Known for their intelligence and unbeatable charisma, common bottlenose dolphins can charm their way

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Most Popular Dolphin Movies

Most Popular Dolphin Movies

If you’re looking for ways to spend quality time with your family this holiday season, one of the best activities to do is watch feel-good dolphin films, including Winter’s movie.

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