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Board a Pirate Ship Cruise for Your Next Corporate Party

Ahoy, hearties! Are you planning to have a special work event aboard a pirate cruise?

It’s no secret that planning a corporate party is an art. Having the right set of corporate party ideas, games, and activities is crucial to your event’s success. With the right preparations, you can have everyone buzzing about a tremendous celebration!

At some point, how your corporate party turns out would also affect certain workplace factors like employee retention and satisfaction. This event provides an opportunity for employees and staff to connect on a personal level as they engage in various fun activities on board.

Regardless of the occasion or accomplishment your entire crew is celebrating, nothing says “swashbuckling fun” better than an adventure aboard a pirate ship cruise.

Planning a pirate-themed corporate party can be tremendously fun to embark on. It’s not only for kids or for birthday parties, but it is also great for family reunions, corporate gatherings, or anything in between.

Grab your eye patches and make the most out of your corporate party with these awesome pirate ship party ideas!


Planning on a unique Jolly Roger quest out at sea allows you to brainstorm a lot of themes surrounding pirate cruises. Here are some interesting pirate ship party ideas to include in your options:

  • Pirate Masquerade
  • Walk the Plank
  • Mermaids
  • Peter Pan and Captain Hook
  • Under the Sea
  • Message in a bottle

Whichever pirate cruise theme you choose, this will be the first step to setting the right mood and ambiance throughout the entire event.


Invitations create the first impression, so it’s ideal to add some unique touches – such as placing them in a bottle or inserting an object to go along with it – rather than sending your workmates a conventional printed card.

If you prefer to send your invitations online or via text, make sure that your invitations stand out. People at work will surely have their interest and imagination piqued with unique invitations that stand out. A good invitation is one that gets your crew excited for this corporate party idea.

For on-hand personal invitations, you can do the following:

Message in a bottle

This is a “fill-in” style invitation where you can either handwrite or print the details on paper and place it inside a plastic bottle. For an extra touch, you can also use glass bottles and add sand and mini designs like small seashells.

Personalized Invitations

If you enjoy crafting, you can use some art materials to create eye patches, foam masks, or swords as personalized invitations.

There are also tons of pre-designed accessories that you can easily fill in with the necessary information. For a personal touch, you can put a picture of the invitee in a pirate costume.

To make it even more special, try embellishing your invitations with personalized postage stamps to complement your own corporate party ideas.


Every pirate-themed corporate party needs decorations. Here are some cool pirate ship party ideas to set the mood for your event’s setting:

Balloons and Streamers

Black, white, and gold are the most common colors used for balloons and streamers at any pirate-themed party. If you’re having a mermaid-themed party, blue and green are ideal to match the color of the ocean. In addition, bright colors usually reflect the colors of gems and pirate loot.

Pirate Flags and Skeleton

An important pirate ship party idea to not miss out on is a black pirate flag with the skull and crossbones design. You can also search through your closet for some skeletons you used for Halloween.

Fish and Sea Creatures

As we all know, pirates live out at sea – and this fact alone serves as a great inspiration to opt for a water theme with different types of fish and sea creatures. With this corporate party idea, you can have fishing nets, plastic toy fish, or any items commonly found on a ship as part of your decoration.

Treasure Chest

Of course, every pirate needs a treasure chest to safeguard his loot onboard. The good news is you can craft a treasure chest in several ways. For one, you can paint small boxes with lids and add artificial gemstones, fabric or paper cut-outs, and gold trims.

You can also fill your treasure chest with gold chocolate coins or sweet party favorites. For a bigger crowd, you can make large treasure chests from large boxes, coolers, or tote boxes covered in paper to safe keep the prizes for the games.

Party Games and Activities

A pirate-themed corporate party wouldn’t be complete without the entertainment. Here are some fun activities that are worth a try:

Scavenger Hunt

What’s a pirate cruise party without the old scavenger hunt. This activity is a great way to have everyone practice healthy competition and cultivate teamwork. Everyone can participate, and you can make it even more exciting with a special prize from the company.

Happy Hour

This one sets the mood for long conversations and laughter over a couple of drinks on hand. It especially works for a fun-loving office culture. Add more delights by pairing these refreshing drinks with some tasty snacks and appetizers.

Office Talent Show

This corporate party idea will open the floor for everyone in your workplace to come out of their shells and reveal their hidden talents under the spotlight.


Photobooths are always a hit at parties as they are a great way to capture memories.

Recognition and Awards

A party should be rewarding – and what better way to reward someone for their efforts than with an Oscar-like nomination event. A corporate awarding ceremony is an effective way to celebrate your employees and boost their engagement.

Food and Drinks

Party themes should be reflected in every aspect of your party, and this includes your food. Get creative with your party food with these delicious pirate ship party ideas:

Buffet / Dessert Table

You can lay down all your sweet and savory pirate favorites. This can include:

  • “Shark Meat” Sandwiches – pizzas or sandwiches shaped using cookie cutters
  • Jolly Roger cupcakes – cupcakes with small paper sails stuck using toothpicks
  • Fruit Sailboats – a fruit salad inside a carved watermelon or any large fruit
  • Dead Man’s Fingers – sliced onions on top of the fish stick’s tips to make them look like fingernails

Shark Bite

Before your pirate cruise, make some ice cubes from cranberry juice and freeze a gummy shark inside each. With a clear drink at the party, such as Sprite, add some of the ice cubes and serve. As the ice cube melts, your drink will turn into blood red and, gummy sharks will float on top.

Hop Aboard a Pirate Ship Experience Like No Other

Corporate parties are memorable with the right preparations. Make each moment count and celebrate milestones together aboard our unique Royal Conquest adventure at Sunshine Scenic Tours!

We offer unique pirate ship cruise packages on a real pirate ship, which you and your crewmates will definitely enjoy.

Rent our U.S. Coast Guard-inspected, 2-level, 46-foot pirate ship for our popular pirate cruise in St. Pete Beach, FL. Also, feel free to explore our sunset dolphin cruise in St. Pete Beach.

For inquiries and bookings, call (727) 423-7824 or fill out the online form on our website. You can also send us an email at [email protected] today.

We look forward to helping you celebrate a unique corporate party cruise with your hearties!

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